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New Artwork

Look at the amazing Pete McKee prints that our friends bought for the boyf for his birthday. He got them a little belated {his birthday was january} but just how cool are they........
He's a really great Sheffield born artist. he's done so many great pictures, my friends really love his work. 
I love the 'All the nice girls love a sailor' print. But then, thats not a great surprise. 


Agh, the 5 day weekend is over. It went too fast for my liking.

  • A few days on the coast again for Katie’s wedding.
  • 3 lovely days of waking up with the boy in Sheffield.
  • Being incredibly grown up buying cookers and light switches for the boy’s house.
  • Being less grown up and eating wham bars whilst the cooker is installed.
  • Discovering Waitrose sushi. Yum yum yum.
  • Bbq’s in the sunshine, accompanied by the neighbours atrocious music
  • Drinking with pink wine and lemonade.
  • Getting back on board with my holga. 2 rolls of film to develop when I get paid!
  • Sorting out the wedding pics.
  • Nursed a very poorly back. 
  • Half watching the shef united in the play off finals, with a lot of disappointed united fans.
  • Baking chocolate and lime cakes, well, I say baking – I melted chocolate for the frosting!
  • Getting excited for Glastonbury – the line up is announced and so are the clashes!
  • Confusing boys by bringing flowers to their house.

I love bank holidays. But after the boozy wedding, it was slightly sober-er than i had thought it would be, but physically couldn't drink an alcoholic thing on saturday!  


A Southsea Wedding

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent in Southsea for Katie’s wonderful wedding, and after the scare we had when Phil got rushed to hospital 6 days before they were due to say ‘I do’ the rest of the run up to the big day was bound to go smoothly.
We enjoyed;
  • 3 days of glorious sunshine.
  • A beautiful setting at Southsea castle.
  • Dinner with the families on Thursday night.
  • Croissants and sushi whilst getting prepared on Friday.
  • Very cool camera themed tables.
  • Many cupcakes. But not too many.
  • Interesting discussions with women in New Look {No, we ARE not buying wedding shoes 4hrs before the event, from New Look of all places, and no we certainly don’t care about the last wedding you went to. Sorry to be rude but we have 30 minutes to get to the hairdressers.  Ok.}
  • Wandering down Albert Road.
  • Open top buses to escort us from the registrar’s office.
  • A stunning bride and groom.
  • 2 very proud dads.
  • Too much Prosecco.
  • Far too much vino.
  • Loads of lovely food.
  • Drunken uncles dancing
  • Catching bouquets {but only when they were launched at me with some force!}

Katie looked beautiful, and Phil looked very cool in his suit/converse combination. And having had an operation 5 days before getting married i was thoroughly impressed with the amount of wine he managed to consume and that he was still standing at 2.30am when I crashed, very drunk myself. 
He wasn’t however so well the next morning when we all headed for the hotel breakfast. Ummmm. Antibiotics and alcohol. Good move. 
Having woken up fine, and feeling a little cocky about the lack of a hangover, mine proceeded to hit me around about Nottingham, after 3 hrs of driving! Nice. M1. Hot car. Wanting to die from a white wine hangover. The boy was so pleased when I turned up at his house, thrust a bunch of flowers in his hands and proceeded to climb into bed to sleep of the hangover. 
{more pictures can be found here}

Pretty purses

I stumbled upon 'Made by hank' whilst browsing Lobster and Swan this afternoon. 
I have to have one of these gorgeous purse. 

She has the cutest blog too, with a whole host of stunning bags. 
Ummmmm, now I am thinking of holding out on my order until some of the  shoulder bags re-appear. 
decisions, decisions. 


back in the city

In contrast to last weekend, this weekend I was mostly;

  • Eating homemade spring rolls, vegetable rice and super hot chicken curry {of course not cooked by me! The boyf is the cook. I stand there attempting to look pretty}
  • Chilling out with the ‘rents before their imminent voyage.
  • Playing with my brothers dog.
  • Drinking contraband rum&cocktails in Sheffield.
  • Feeling old at club nights, and leaving early {3.30am!}
  • Spending Sunday in my pj’s, sat on the sofa, bacon sandwich sandwiches.
  • Catching up on 4 episodes of Lost – can somebody tell me what’s happened to Claire!
  • Watching 1408. Eh? That was a waste of my time.
  • Eating late Sunday dinners with friends.

And this week I have an ace 3 day week, as I am jetting off to Portsmouth again on Thursday to help Katie prepare for her wedding Friday! 


A little help

As much as I am looking forwards to Katie’s wedding next weekend, I am slightly worried. She has tasked me with taking some photo’s of the wedding day along with another family friend. Not being the most accomplished photographer, that’s a scary prospect. I mean it’s her wedding day! Thats a pretty big deal.

But luckily I have a secret weapon – Barnaby Aldrick. Leeds Guide photographer extraordinaire, and amazing wedding photographer. Barnaby was our photographer at the magazine I used to work for, and he even helped me out at some events at my old agency.

He’s kindly written me a pretty in-depth description on the best lenses, techniques, f-stops to be used when are where, so I hopefully won’t make too many mistakes. And if I do, I will certainly be blaming them on him. No, seriously. I might.

Here are just a few of Barnaby’s images. How beautiful are they. You seriously need to have a look through his website and just see how fantastic his images are. I love how they capture the little moments.

And have a look at his blog for some of his behinds the scenes stuff and more personal stuff, I especially like the series from Ireland.


To the sea

This last weekend I was mostly;
  • Driving 500+ miles in 2 days
  • Walking by the beach.
  • Realising I loved the sea more than I thought.
  • Seeing men with parrots and pirate bandana’s.
  • Eating fish and chips looking out onto the Solent. 
  • Having my first ever manicure.
  • Picnicking in the sun.
  • Drinking cocktails, and Limoncello.
  • Opening Christmas gifts.
  • Plotting.
  • Photographing.

 My oldest friend, Katie, and I have known each other since we were 4. Primary school, dance classes, girl guides, 6th form, starting clubbing, snowboarding, boys. We have shared a lot of experiences. And in less than 2 weeks now she gets married to Phil. It amazes me that we aren’t 16 years old anymore. That not only is she a doctor now, but that she’s old enough to get married. 

Not only was it amazing to see Katie this weekend for her hen do, but I got to spend a day or so by the sea. Now I can’t wait for the wedding. And just in case Phil stumbles across this; she is going to look gorgeous, you lucky man! 

More picture can be found here


I love twitter.
Randomly, i heard there were a few glastonbury tickets still available on see tickets from @festivalman on twitter!
So, i am now the proud owner of an email telling me i have a Glastonbury ticket!

Anchors Away

Check out my new necklace.

The boyf bought it for me to go with my new dress i got the other day. {Check out my last post!}

Seriously. How cute is he. And how cute is the necklace.