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Glastonbury feels like it might have been a million years ago right now, even though I was still there a week ago.

This weekend couldn’t have been more different;

  • Movies on the sofa with the boy.
  • NO alcohol. {or cigarettes either for the boy – go him}
  • Cherryade.
  • Delicious cupcakes from Fancie. {I found them on twitter a while ago and HAD to visit their new shop on Sharrowvale on my way home from seeing my nan – I will take some pics of my own next time I pop in!}
  • An excellent Ratpack Revival evening in Manchester.
  • {non-alcoholic} Drinks with the boy’s sister and her friends in Didsbury.
  • Sleeping until lunchtime on sunday {which for 5hrs of sleep a night me was a {pleasant} shock to the system}
  • Salads, salmon and more salads!
I hate that the weekend goes so fast.

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