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My Carry On Flight Essentials


My Cancer treatment

A Change

Trying to decide if I should go for the chop and go for a short bob. I've had long hair for such a long time now - it's starting to bore me I think......

Is it a good idea or have I been watching too much 90210?

Moustaches are in......

We had a little party for my birthday this weekend - it involved burger shaped cupcakes (how amazing are they - Hev made the cake, Sarah coloured in the cheese and lettuce!) And Paul's girlfriend, Becky, made me a huge fluffy moustache, with a moustache of it's own!
We drank too much (really too much) and danced badly in Smokestack.
It was ace!

Birthday Girl

My birthday involved lots of cards and beautiful little gifts from my friends and a super-wonderful surprise visit and new snow boots and flowers from the boy and mexican food and world beers and movies and meetings!

That's right - I was at work - and had some crazy meetings, but once out of work I had the best time. Made even better by a surprise visit from the boy, who had lied fully to me about not being able to make it until Saturday! (I will be reminding him of the lying when required though! hehe. )

We ate at the lovely little Mexican restaurant near my house, and drank Quilmers (not Quim-les as the boy insists) and headed home for a movie because i had even more meetings on friday. :(

29 Things

So, today is my 29th Birthday.

And to commiserate celebrate this fact I have started a new project – 29 things before I am 30.

You can check out my list, and see my journey through the list at my other catchily titled blog, which can be found by clicking the image on the side bar, or clicking the link above.

Now bring on the cocktails!


Moo Card Discounts

I got a couple of emails yesterday with 10% Moo discount codes on them - You can use these codes until 30.01.10.
And, if you use these codes, I'll get some little freebies, (so I would very much like you use them) but also, you'll get 10% off your very own Moo cards, like the ones i have above!
I never quite understood the whole having to take cakes to work on your birthday - they really ought to buy me cakes, but none the less, i am taking cakes to work - Mojito Cakes.

I adapted a cake recipe i already had, and just added a few generous glugs of rum, some lime and some mint!

It was my first time using a piping bag - I usually just spoon it on and smooth it out, but I thought I would give it a go, and it did turn out too bad - if I do say so myself!
I also used really large sugar crystals to pop on the top of the frosting.

Check out how cute the little cupcake cases are!
Yum Yum Yum.

Happy 101

Katie gave me the lovely Happy 101 award last week, which is an award for all the ladies in the blogging community that bring a smile to your face. Along with this award I am to list 10 things that make me HAPPY and pass the award on to 10 ladies that make me smile.

So, here are the things that make me happy;
  1. Driving – yes I know, its not exactly eco friendly, but people, I drive a polo, it’s not like I am trundling around in a truck (but boy do I want one!). I love the freedom I have with it! My car may be one of my favourite places to be. It’s my own little world. Sometimes when things get a little too much I just get in it and drive about, music on high and it all gets better.
  2. The Beach Boys – I don’t trust anyone who says they don’t like the Beach Boys. There isn’t a problem that can’t be made better by listening to Pet Sounds. Nothing more to say on that subject!
  3. Baking. So, I can’t cook. No, that’s not true; the truth is I can’t be bothered to cook. A quick pasta or salad will do me just fine for the day to day eating! But baking – I love baking – cakes and biscuits and fruit breads (and decorating them too) I find it therapeutic. And it means you get to buy super cute cupcake cases and the likes! (Plus, when I bake, I find the urge to eat the sweet treats has gone! Crazy hu!)
  4. My camera’s. I feel lost without at least one in my bag. Now, I just need to get a little better! And understand the technicalities of it all. And I want to get back in the darkroom.
  5. Rum! With ginger beer mostly, or in a cocktail but a nice golden rum – ummmmm delicious!
  6. Mexican food! This needs no explanation.
  7. The snow. Snowboarding. Sitting in chalets looking out at the mountains. Even snow in Leeds making it all look lovely and clean and crisp. I love snow.
  8. The sea. I love sailing. I love being by the sea, on the beach, in the sea, on the sea. Sailing just makes me happy!
  9. My friends – even if I don’t see them enough, esp. the ones who have moved away, but it makes me happy being able to keep in touch with them, even if it’s just a quick hello on FB.
  10. Jim – he drives me mental with his love of football and insisting on using all the pans when cooking and tickling my feet, but when he’s not – he’s pretty cool! And if I have had a bad day, he is always there with a hug to make it better!
  11. Can I have an 11th? If I can, it would be BAD TV. The Hills, The City, Glee, those sorts of shows – the ones Jim just rolls his eyes at me watching – but lets me because he watches ALL the football and knows it’s easier to just not question it.
And the blogs that make me happy;

  1. Sam – she has only just started blogging again – we are doing a 29 things before we are 30 list, as our birthdays are within a week of each other! Someone to share the pain with.
  2. Liz – she needs to get back on her blog, but when she was posting, it was ace to be able to keep up with her life in Londres.
  3. Katie - She has been my friend since before I can remember, that's an achievement right there!
  4. Hei Astrid – she makes me want to go back to Norway with her beautiful pictures!
  5. Notebook doodles – perfect little doodles and wise words!
  6. Green Island Studios – Beautiful Images of Cornwall. She makes me yearn for the sea and my summers there!
  7. Lobster and swan – stunning creations, and wonderful style.
  8. Nothing but bonfires - I want to move to San Fran and
  9. Unruly things - gorgeous style and gorgeous pics!
  10. Eat. Drink. Chic - check out the freebies and downloads - this girl is a crafty genius.


Helping Haiti.

Sometimes my friends amaze me.
Katie has been trying to find a way to get to Haiti to help with the relief efforts.

I thought by donating I would be helping, but Katie is trying to go a whole mile further!


Silent Snow

Oh gosh, I have totally fallen in love with this song;

Silent Snow, by the Magic Theatre. You must must must have a listen, and the video is just beautiful.
So i have been a little quiet, i know. But i blame work. It has been busy and I have been working late, but i thought i would share with you some bits of my week when not working;

My divine twine arrive - love it!

And these super cute cupcake cases.

I made banana bread for Sarah!

And I have been consuming a lot of hot chocolate! mmmmmmmm.


Colour the months away

I totally fell in love with these diaries last year, and I just couldn't help but buy them for myself whilst I was Christmas shopping {it helped I found them super cheap on Amazon}

It was amazing when January rolled round and i got to use them. I mean, who doesn't love a new Moleskine.
But now i have that horrible 'oh god, first page of the moleskine, don't ruin it' feeling to face at the start of every month!

I also did a little baking over the weekend as a surprise - and made an xbox cake for my xbox loving boyf! The one i saw on the internet was a little tidier, but then again she was a professional cake baker!

I should have photographed the process but - well, i made a pretty mess of the kitchen, and getting my camera out was the last thing on my mind. Just making sure i didn't drop the icing was challenging enough!

And here he is cutting it.
Thats a chocolate cake with choc fudge filling!

It's as if Mother Nature knew I bought Jim a snow jacket for christmas......
We woke up to a deep blanket of snowy fun this morning. And since we have Marley, we just had to take a long walk around the deserted street of Sheffield in it;

Slight problem, its 7pm now, and its still not stopped and I have to get back to Leeds tomorrow morning.....ummmm.

Its was Jim's birthday yesterday, so we both had the day off work {you know, because we haven't just had Christmas and all......}.
It was a lovely day, a late start, prezzies, lunch with his mum, and then dinner at a Turkish restaurant, Zeugma, just down the road from his house with our friends. The food is all cooked on a massive grill in front of you, and it was sooooooo tasty.



So, I managed to complete 2 whole months of shuttercal.
You can see what i have been up to, {as I have been a little slack on the blogging front} here.