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My Cancer treatment

Little things I am loving

These stunning lashes from Luna & Curious were spied over at Lobster and Swan. I dream for an event where they'd be appropriate. I think I might be in love with the peonies. 

I have been watching WAY too much True Blood Season 3 this week - I just can't put it down and since it on my computer I don't have to - I mean how hot is Eric? Last week when my brother returned from a trip round the East Coast of America, he brought back an actual bottle of Tru Blood. I am not sure he was prepared for the squeal that left my mouth. His dogs definitely weren't. 

And fellow 'fang banger' wannabe Michelle over at Domestic Sluttery brought this amazing ring & neckalce combo to my attention - it's from Me & Zena and you would not believe how cheap it is too! 

And my new nail varnishes. I am pretty useless with nail varnish - usually it goes on, almost perfect, and within 5 minutes of it drying it's chipped. But having being drawn in by the 2 for £5 offer and the super cute purple below, I purchased some Barry M and i can happily say that after 3 days it hasn't chipped yet - now that is a bit of an achievement. 

Oh, and I might be having a grey moment. The boy looked at me like I was crazy when I told him the grey nail varnish was a beautiful colour. And with even more bemusement at my tights, but what does he know? 

Committing to

This morning as I pulled into the carpark this illuminating orange caught my eye.
This weekend I didn't take a single photo. 

None of the amazing home-made rosemary pasta & pesto the boy made me on Friday night. 
None on my trip into Sheffield. Not even of the skyline from the Cole Bro.s carpark like I usually do. Or from the afternoon with my nan, or my evening in the pub avoiding bad comedians and seeing friends. 
Not even any of my first time meeting the gorgeous and adorable Brody on Sunday. 

And I don't know why. The camera was in my bag the whole time......Just a little bit of laziness I guess.

So this week as I think about what I will commit to this week it has to be my first point; 

  • Make my mixtape for the mixtape project. 
  • Make a 3 bean and bacon soup. Don't ask why - but i have the idea in my head. 
  • Buy Gaslight Anthem Tickets. 
  • Find a new winter nail varnish - I am thinking a nice dark grey. 

Committing to

{Just a pic I took and liked!}
Megan at tres cool Pink’o’clock starts the week with a set of commitments to herself – little things that she thinks will make her happier and more accountable for her life that week, and you know what – I think it’s a fab idea – more often than not I find I have reached to the end of a week and I’m not entirely sure what I have done or achieved!

They’re not massive huge plans, like climb a mountain, or write a novel, just really achievable things. This week she has commitments like get better from her cold, keep the house clean, finish her book and spend a lot of time outside {which I guess is a great idea if you, like Megan, live in Florida – here in the ever increasingly cold Yorkshire that might not be a great plan!}

So for the first time {and a day late} my commitments this week are;
  • Eat a little healthier. The last week has been spent with the boy at mine so the food has been quite meaty, rich and in large boy portions. This week I shall be back to salads and veg and soups that don’t give me any guilt to eat. 
  • Use the cute little loaf tin (that I purchased so the boy could make a yummy meat loaf) to make something sweet.
  • Drink in the time I have with my visiting friends and their new little baby boy {and get some snaps – my mum would never forgive me otherwise!}
  • Go for at least one run. 


Test Space Leeds Kitchen

 On the recommendation of my new workmate, Daisy, the boy and I attended a Kitchen event at TestSpace in Holbeck. It’s in an old mill building that sits next door to an office I worked in whilst working at the ‘agency of death’ in 2008 – there are really odd glass pyramids on the roof and I heard that the owner used to keep sheep up there in the late 1800’s.

We had no idea what so ever to expect as the website was a bit enigmatic but the boy loves food. This was a food event. We figured we couldn’t go far wrong.

The theme was seaside. The invite boasted of twisted fish and chips from Fish&, Russian roulette vol-au-vonts, sea-shanties, a giant knickerbocker glory from Sunshine Bakery and a variety of other bits of entertainment – including ‘rude and nude uses of candyfloss.’ Erm. What?

The fish and chips were pretty nice. I am not really a ‘Fee&Chee’* kind of gal. They’re usually a bit greasy for me, but I think playing the game of guess the batter made them better – I had the raspberry beer batter – but to be honest we thought it had prunes in it. The other one didn’t taste chilli-ish, it kind of tasted more like a marmalade than anything else but daisy knew there were as she’ll allergic to chilli! And the knickerbockerglory was, well, interesting. As you got further down it I think it became more edible. One of the guys had a massive lump of candyfloss and a stick of chocolate! But as I held off a bit I got a load of jelly and strawberry goo and some m&m’s. Yum. The Russian roulette ended badly for me and I got a super spicy (but would have been delicious without the spice) chilli laced salmon vol-au-vont. There were also some (we think - just starting out) comedians who were OK.

 The most random part of the night however was the after dinner entertainment which consisted basically of 4 scantily clad youf {in pants and a vest} dancing about with pots of candyfloss. Yes. Candyfloss. You kind of had to be there, but they were getting a little bit erotic with it. I think it was one of those you have to be there to understand kind of moments, but as a girl approached to serve candyfloss of her back, it all seemed a little surreal. And to top off our confusion the proceedings were topped off with a boy singing sea-shanties. Yep – sea-shanties.

But all in all it was a fun night. I would definitely head to another one.
Sorry for the rubbish pic's - they're just phone ones!

The whole night was finished/nearly ruined/made surreal by a near fist fight with the drunken downstairs neighbour who thought that 1.30am was a good time to come and tell us that we walked too loudly in our hallways and bathroom and used our washing machine too much and too early. He tried to attack The Boy, when came out to check I was ok after the neighbour’d spent a good 10minutes shouting at me. 
I’ll be honest, I might not have been the most pleasant person to chat to right then, but when he open his chat with a stream of swear words, I’m not likely to be very accommodating of his complaints!

*as our ‘scene’ friend would say!

This weekend

I plan to;

  • Get the internet working in the flat – if it’s the last thing I do. It makes me mad just having my phone for the internet especially as I can’t comment on blogs from it. Grrrrrrrr.
  • Make some banana bread with those left over bananas I have lying about in the freezer.
  • Get out and take some new/fun/autumn photo’s.
  • Make it to the farmers market.
  • Eat some of the boys amazing frittata.
  • Start thinking about recipes for savoury cupcakes.
  • Unpack all the hoodies and winter tops that are still packed up since the move.
  • Spend some time with the boy, doing nothing. 


Hoping for a lottery win

The other day I received an email from Lizzie pointing me towards the amazing hats at Anthropologie. She is the devil woman for this. Seriously. Evil.

I have so little no spare cash this month and there she is waving beautiful hats in front of my face. She knows I love a good hat, maybe, dare I say it, more than a pretty shoe. Quite frankly it’s just rude.

But just in case she somehow finds the time to get herself to Anthro, I thought she might like to know which of these stunning hats to purchase for me, and for her! I am just guessing here, but I imagine those bottom too are ones she would not only pick, but also look stunning in. She works the 1920's so well! 

Talking of Liz, you NEED to see the beautiful pictures she has been taking of her barely a month old son Brody, with her newly purchased Canon 450d. 
I was just overwhelmed when a received a picture postcard she had not only set up, but shot herself - it could be studio work! 

Savoury or Sweet

Meatloaf Cupcake by Wynk
Next month's Iron Cupcake is Savoury. 
The boy is loving it. He loves nothing more than coming up with crazy combinations of food - so he is in his element, but I need some ideas! 
Any thoughts? 

From the weekend

When I wasn’t trying to ignore the failing’s of my friends relationship, I spent the last weekend in Manchester.

We attended a housewarming at a friends flat – it is beautiful. Really beautiful – an old converted Mill, with tonnes of original features – it reminded me of the beautiful place I lived with the ex. Only about 4’x the size!

We managed to party through the night, (well I say we did, I had a sambuca induced nap half way through the party, but we’ll ignore that one) and after I had fought off the hangover that threatened to ruin my day I popped out to meet an old old friend I hadn’t seen in about 5 years and take a few snaps. There is nothing more satisfying than accomplishing something on a day you thought would be a right off! 

Get ready for loads of pics!
There was Fake DJ-ing

5.30am Rooftop Photo

Love this Graffiti. 




Royal Mills

Hall Lights


Say you might have accidentally, whilst sat next to someone, seen a text message that eluded to the fact a friend of yours was having an affair and was thinking of leaving her boyfriend.
But say the boyfriend was a very, very, very good friend of yours who you couldn't bear to see get hurt.

What would you do?
I can't tell him what I have seen. It's not my place to do that. But I don't think I can just sit here with this information and not do a thing. 

From the drivers window

Yes, i know. I shouldn't. 
But these colours were just too pretty to pass up.

Moving on up

Since my housemate announced, just weeks after we moved into our new flat, that she had decided to go travelling early next year, I have been in a quandary as to what to do about my living situation. 
It’s really annoyed me as this move was really her idea and she proposed it so we’d have somewhere we both could stay for quite a while, but it's turned out it was more a move so she could save for her trip........
The problem is whilst I really cannot be bothered to move again- if I do, it’ll be the 4th house change in as many years- there are certain factors that are making me think I ought to;

  • For one, the landlord hasn’t taken any rent from the housemate yet. 3 months have gone by and they’ve not asked her for a penny and she, understandably, isn't about to mention it. It is their fault – they’re the one who should have set up the Direct Debit, and they haven’t chased it at all. But it worries me that if she leaves in February, and they check their details maybe the end of the tax year, and I am still in the flat they’ll want me to stump up the cash as we’re on a joint contract. I certainly will not have a spare couple of thousand and I am sure she wont whilst she is ‘finding herself’ in Thailand!
  • Plus I don’t have any friends who are need on a room at the moment so it would mean sharing with a random again, which, yes, might not be all THAT bad –I did meet some lovely people in my last house – but also some MENTAL ones. Can I be bothered with that?
  • And also I think, somewhere at the back of my mind, that maybe I should start to grow up, and you know, buy somewhere. Even if it is just so I have somewhere to paint the colours I want, or have the artwork I want up.

·          But then it’s such a massive decision. Do I buy in Leeds, near my job, and really, the handful of friends who are still here after university? Or do I think about maybe buying in Sheffield? Would that be a more sensible idea if I am thinking long term with the boy? {he part owns a house with his friend, so he feels like he is committed to Sheffield} If we did decide to move in together then it would make more sense for us to live in Sheffield. {which after recent convo’s might not happen in, lets say, the next decade!!!}

And can I really afford a house? I mean REALLY afford it? it wouldn’t be just the house, it would be the rest of the stuff that goes with it, like sofa’s and beds and Tv’s and crockery and pretty cushions and cute wallpaper and bright pots of paint……And if the boy and I DID ever move in together, would we really need 2 houses? 


The Wedding Venue
Bride & Groom
The boy & I

Starfish - Portimão
Port marker - Portimão
Palm Tree
Car - Praia de Luz
'Husband creche' - olhos d'agua
olhos d'agua
Sandy Feet - olhos d'agua
To Albuferia
chilling at the villa - olhos d'agua
I love these number's and this pink - the whole house was this colour! 
He became obsessed with reading this.....
Vilamoura - Marina

Our main reason to be in Portugal was the boy’s sister wedding – which was just stunning – they got married on the clifftops overlooking the beach, where we spent a few hours drinking champers, dinner was served on a beautiful terrace and we partied till the early hours in a Moroccan themed lounge!

Whilst the majority of the trip was taken up with the wedding or wedding prep or wedding bbq-ing, the boy and I did have a few days to ourselves – one we spent sitting by the pool at the villa after the rest of the party had gone for their planes which was lovely and needed for him after his many trips to the airport to collect guests.
The other we spent driving up the coast to see some of the rest of the Algarve. We spent a couple of hours in Portimão, admiring the huge yachts and the posh beach bars with 4 poster beds on them and walking to the end of the break water, took a trip through Praia de Luz, a wander round Vilamoura and a few detours when we ignored the satnav!

Now we are back in the grey skies of the north just hoping the tan stays for a few more weeks.