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This Friday we went to the Christmas PechaKucha in Sheffield. Our friend helps organise it and a couple of our other friends were going down, so when our Friday night plans cancelled we decided to head down. I’m not really sure what to make of it – the set up gives 6 people the chance to present – they have 20 slides and can talk on each for 20 seconds. I think maybe I need to attend a non-christmas, I’m not sure but maybe some of the people presenting might not have prepared quite as well as they might have as it was such an ‘easy’ topis {and I heard a few people say the last one was better} But we stayed about and had a few drinks and watched the snow decent.
Saturday saw the boy shopping for his first snowboard {exciting times!} and a trip to Manchester for a 30th birthday at the Blackdog Ballroom. I was so not dressed for Manchester. Jeans and a top might be pool playing attire but they most definitely aren’t 1am Manchester bar attire. Still, it was a great night.
And  Sunday night the boy got a delivery of a big black dog – Marley – he stayed with us last new years whist our friends went on a ski holiday. This time they’re on their honeymoonand he has the dog for 2 weeks. He’s a little bit mental, looks a bit like a terridactyl but is very cuddly and likes to climb into bed with you. I’m kind of gutted I won’t be there to play with him…..

And on to this week. There is a lot to do. We have our Christmas party this week with work, and also the girls the housemate and I used to work with at Quiksilver are visiting on Saturday, and then it’s the IronCupcake:Leeds on Sunday.

So this week’s commitments are;
  • Plough on with my Spanish Civil War book. It’s one of my 29things. But the book is so touch, I’m struggling.
  • Make truffles for the girls visiting on Saturday. And for my Food+Foto class.
  • Start some Christmas shopping. I have bought 2 of the many gifts I have to get so far. But on the plus side all my wrapping accessories are sorted.
  • Write a blog post for work.
  • Not to drink shots! I have no clue when to stop once I have had two, so the best plan is to resist all together.  


Some things I would quite like please. 
Helen at Clear Your Heart is running a little competition as she's reached 100 followers - she's asking for people's Christmas wishlists. And I figured if she is asking for wishlists it can't be too early to share them with you either....

I just love Pinterest. I 'pin' like mad. Anything I like can be categorised and stored in lists. And I seem to like a lot of things. I have lists of things I'd like the home I will never own to look like. I have lists of pretty dresses I could have worn last summer and cool festival gear. I have lists of potential gifts for people. I have lists of crafty projects and baking and cookery ideas I'll tackle one day, and most importantly right now I have been pulling together wearable wishlists and birthday wishlists

Looking at the lists compiled, it would appear I have some expensive tastes - but hey it's a WISHLIST. {But in fairness - there are some books/eyelashes/accessories scattered in there} Plus, the next birthday will be a big one. But I could really do with a new laptop, and a pretty one like that one up there would be lovely, or a Kitchen Aid would make my life a load better {I am pretty sure of that!}. And I have dreamed of the Nixon Player for years. And now I have a crack in the LCD on my Canon, I could use a new DSLR....... See everything on that list is needed!

If anyone would like to buy me anything - just drop me an email and i'll let you know my address ;)

Party Planning

I just blogged this at my 29things blog, but my party invites arrived from Moo and I got excited. 
I love them. 

I created the images for the from and back in photoshop using the size guide templates on Moo. {I am not very talented in photoshop, but I can do enough to get me through a day, so it's ok for me} I then uploaded them to the site as a front and back image. It's super easy to do. 

Once they arrived I rounded the corners to make them look more like a liftpass, popped a hole in the top and used a little bakers twine to finish them off. 

I also bought some Glassine envelopes {from Ebay} and made some super cute stickers {also on Moo, as they were on offer} to complete the look; 

I love them. Even if I do say so myself. 
Now I just have to work on creating a suitably tacky space to have the party in. 

Snow day.

From a snowy day in January
Sorry people of Leeds. Road gritters country wide. Summer lovers. 
I know you might hate me for it but I am doing a little snow dance. 
I have the bum boards in my car, I am swapping my bindings to an old board and I am unpacking my snowboard gear. The BBC promises me snow and I hope it arrives. 

I know the snow might only stay a day or two, but if it arrives I will love it. 

Mixtape madness

Sorry for the AWFUL picture. I wanted to snap it before I sent it. 
I joined a mixtape exchange. I'm not entirely sure why, but I thought it might be funny! 
The plan is to make a tape CD and send it to you allotted partner. 
This month I decided to use the title 'last of the bitter break-up songs'. Not for any reason, just because it's something Butch Walker says on one of his live albums and I liked the way it sounded. 
And since we had a little 'love' theme to the album I went with making a massive origami heart, the ones that Eat, Drink, Chic used for her engagement/wedding party invites. I am pretty sure I went boz-eyed trying to get the paper to fold the right way - origami is NOT for me. At all. But I kind of like the end result as a CD case. 
I am not sure if any of you will be interested in downloading the tunes, but if you are I've uploaded them here and you can get the zipfile. 

Committing to

This weekend I made my very first cheesecake. We went for dinner at some of the boys friends on Saturday and he was tasked with desert. But since football takes over Saturdays, and friends took over Friday night, it was up to me to step in and do it. I think he had envisaged making some masterpiece, but I didn’t have much time so cheesecake it was.
I had a few other little bits to get done so I headed to my parents to use their printer, label collection and their more well equip kitchen magimix. {And I feel like someone I have never met before saying this, but how I loved that magimix. I just kept throwing more stuff in it to blitz because it was so much fun!}

The cheesecake was a little, erm, what’s the word – cloying maybe? – and I don’t think I have ever consumed so many calories as there were in one mouthful of that badboy, and it kind of stuck your mouth together, but it was nice. I just think my next attempt at a cheesecake might be a lighter one.

Right, here are my Commitments;
  • Take lunches to work – rather than buying them, which I have been doing. {On a Monday I generally have to since I travel from the boy's house and we aren’t that organised – but the rest of the week will be home made!}
  • Get a crafting space organised in my room. Or just organise my room. Whichever is easier!
  • Start on a social media/WOM marketing plan for my brothers business - plan in the next 6 months of things he needs to start doing.
  • Start on my back exercises in case the new years snowboarding trip comes off. If it does – I don’t have an awful long time to get it working ;)

Last week I made the commitment to get myself down to the ‘Bun & Roses’ meet. I have to tell you I failed. I’d been out at the Gaslight Anthem the night before and I felt super bad that I’d be leaving the housemate alone, {and I know she would have hated the idea of going to it} again so I stayed home as I don't want to leave her alone too much. And now I regret it. Lots. It looked and sounded like a great night. Grrrrrrrr. 

Food + Foto & IronCupcake:Leeds - Savoury

Last Sunday the boy and I entered our first IronCupcake:Leeds. I say we entered, technically HE entered as he cooked all the food {but only because he doesn't let other people in the kitchen when he cooks}.
It was so much fun. Maybe not the stress of the baking {he left it until 4 to start cakes for a 6pm start!} The event as a whole was great. It was lovely to see my work mate Lu and her sister, niece, and best friend. Lu made a rosemary cake and her sister, Sarah made a feta cake - so you can see the sort of flavours people were experimenting with. And Zoe, the organiser and her mum and dad make you feel so welcome. There were maybe 15 bakers - the best of which, we both thought, were the Smoked Salmon ones - and everyone was super friendly. The boy also entered as an eater - which, since he tasted 15 cakes, I think he loved it.We didn't place - but I don't think that's the point {clearly I wouldn't be saying that if I had of won, but......} 
He made Chorizo & Walnut cakes, which we filled with a red onion chutney and we made a Camembert frosting to cover the chutney. The frosting I had hoped would be more of a full frosting, but I don't think we had time to let it set fully so it was kind of more of a 'blob'
I would love to give you the recipe, but he kind of made it up - so from what I can remember, here it is;


The Gaslight Anthem

If you haven't already heard of/listened to the Gaslight Anthem then I think you really have to go out and do so. 
Here they are on Spotify, and also on
I went to see them at the academy in Leeds last night and they were amazing. They played for an hour, which I thought was a little short, but then they came back on for over an hour and played an amazing encore, complete with a track that included a string accompaniment and my favourite track - Here's looking at you kid
What really surprised me where the numbers of 'old' people in the audience {you know, because 29 IS young, right?} but I mean grey hair and retired old - dad old. I thought it would be all young kids and we'd be the oldies - maybe the appearances with Bruce have opened them to a wider audience? 
And, ah, I wish that i'd have known we were on the balcony and I'd have rocked up with my DSLR and my 300mm lens. As it was, I had my P&S which is pretty bad at low light and distances so the shots i have are grainy like the one above.......
So, I am going to leave you with this vid from Youtube and tell you to go and listen to some more.........


Committing to

From my soup making this weekend.

This weekend was a fun one. I spent Friday night with my housemate and Saturday pottering about before a trip to the German Market {it opened this weekend}. A 'one drink' catch-up turned into lots and lots of drinks and some singing along to the Umpha band. Which resulted in a massive hangover at 5.30am. And then IronCupcake:Leeds savoury competition on Sunday. I didn't enter with the Cheese and Spring Onion cakes I practised with - the boy came over and we made Chorizo and Walnut cakes with wholemeal flour, we also added a Red Onion Chutney filling and a Camembert frosting. We didn't win, but it was fun and the boy got to sample 15 savoury cakes, which I think he enjoyed! Next month is Festive, so I have my thinking cap on already! 

But on to the things I am committing to this week;

  • Drag my ass along to the Buns and Roses meet this week. I have been contemplating going for such a long time and I've bottled it each time - I am not sure what to expect, and I've never met anyone who attends, but I just need to can't be that scary!
  • Bake something pretty and tasty for Souvenir Foto School
  • Start on my christmas crafting projects. I'm sure to run out of time, so I just need to get on it.
  • Pictures Pictures Pictures. Take more pictures. 

Food + Foto - Savoury Cheese & Spring Onion Cakes

I am taking part in Miss B's current Souvenir Foto School. The topic - food photography. The plan is for the next 6 weeks to photograph and upload something foody - kind of like making our own little recipe book. I am going to attempt to bake something at least once a week and shoot it for the class. 

And tonight is Iron Cupcake Leeds. It'll be the first time I've entered, the theme is savoury this month and although I don't think that I'll be using these cakes {cheese seems like it might be too obvious a choice to make for a savoury theme} I wanted to have a little play and make some savoury cakes - just because it seems so alien an idea!  

But they are absolutely delicious, especially warm, so I think I'll definitely be making them again. 

p.s I found the recipe here. Such amazing cakes.



Yesterday I found out I came second in a competition held by Holgarama on their facebook page.  
This means I have £25 to spend in the shop on something Holga related. 

The question is do I get a new Holga CFN to replace the one i have with it's now broken flash? Or should I try and get it fixed and spend the cash on some cool accessories? 

Here are the camera's i am looking at {click the camera to go through to the site for more info} 

And here are some of the accessories I've spied {again - click the images for more info} 

What do you think I should get reader? 


Committing to

The last week was a strange one – I was bunny sitting for a friend so I wasn’t home so much so I was living in someone else’s space. Don’t you find it strange when you have to do that. I didn’t have enough of my things with me so I kept having to go backwards and forwards for little bits. But on the other side it was lovely to just have a little time with the boy without the rest of the world being there. He might not agree but what does he know? 

We went to the bonfire at a local pub, which if I am honest had the most pathetic fireworks display ever, but we sat outside {yes, in Nov} and drank Winter Pimms and gossiped with my housemate. And we watched Xfactor {Paige to win?} and went to the farmers market and checked out snowboards.

But this week I am home, so I get to get back into my life. Here are my bits I am committing to;

  • Figure out what to make in this month’s Iron Cupcake competition. It’s savoury. What to make?
  • Start thinking about little DIY gifts for Christmas – we have some friends coming to visit at the start of December so it needs thinking about.
  • Figure out which resorts have snow that can be ridden at Christmas/New Years – just in case we make it out over the holidays.
  • Sort out my eating again. I have been trying on and off for weeks but things keep getting in the way, so I need to keep to a weeks worth of goodness – no meat/chocolate/alcohol {until the weekend} – just veg and fruits and things. I am feeling all lethargic and it’s not making me happy. 


I have created a snow monster!

Last year I pretty much bullied the boy into snowboarding. I bought him a jacket and a lesson and cajoled him into a weeks holiday. He loved it. You know what, I think he loved it more than I did. So much so that he has been discussing the next holiday for even longer than I have. I think he started thinking about it before we left resort!

The other week I found him in Quiksilver purchasing some immense ‘retro yellow’ board pants. Yesterday we spent the morning looking at snowboards and bindings for him - discussing things like where he'll be using the board, and what will be best for him and graphics combo's {nothing too wild and crazy though} and binding that may or may not match {Yay. I have taught him something} - with the man in TSA. 
But now it depresses me that his new board is going to be WAY better than Lola :( 
However, I am excited to get out my sticker pack - because you know it's the 'stickering' of a board that matters the most right. Nothing screams beginner like a bad sticker policy! 

And to top it off he’s planning a boy’s trip after our snow trip - without me. The worst bit - the boys trip is with some of the boys I used to snowboard with. Gutted! 

I have seen the future

And it's called Pimms Winter. 

Controller ornaments from useyourdigits

La-la-love these.......... For some reason the boy doesn't get into Christmas like I do. But maybe these decorations for the games obsessed boy in my life might just get him feeling the Christmas spirit.......


Yes, i know, it is too early to be thinking about Christmas, but I have just spent my lunch break oooohing and ahhhhhing over Gifted, the amazing Christmas magazine from Ez at Creature Comforts

I just warn you - if you are one of my real life, 3D friends, don't be surprised if you receive something from these pages......

Committing to

From the woods

It was quite a busy weekend. There were drinks with friends, and shopping for birthday gifts for my brother and  walking Lizzie's mum lovely little puppy, and a non-Halloween Saturday night out, and massive hangovers and Sunday dinners and even more episodes of season 3 of True Blood. 

Just a few things that I am going to try and get done this week........
  • I need to get on with my ‘29 Things’ list – there are QUITE a few things that I need to get a wriggle on with!
  • I have a bunch of little crafting projects that I need to get on with. I keep putting them off. Namely, I need to get my birthday invites out over cocodot.
  • I am not going to drink alcohol this week. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t drink an awful lot, but sometimes there is a glass of wine here and there and at the moment there are lots of weekend’s where I’ll be drinking so I am trying to balance it out a little.
  • And I am going to carry the TAKE MORE PHOTO’S point over to this week. I did manage to get out and take quite a few last week, but I want to keep on with it. I enjoyed the challenges I did over the summer which forced me to take shots.