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This weekend I got ID'd. 
Yes last week I was 30. This week I got ID'd. In Waitrose. Buying Elderflower and Lime Cider of all things - as if a child would buy that. Amazing. 
We also had a leaving tea for the boys housemate. He has a new job in London so the street had a bit of a get together, over some tasty food and some lovely wines. 
And I popped to see the parents, only to receive some exciting, secret squirrel, news that I'm hoping I'll be able to reveal soon. 

And this week I have a couple of commitments; 

  • Stop being so grumpy and unreasonable with the boy. I'm blaming PMT but he is heading back to India for a few weeks on Sunday, and we're away for the weekend, so I am planning on being nice - just for a while.......
  • Eat healthy{ier}. 
  • Find an angel costume. 
  • Do my physio exercises. 
  • Finalise my weekends whilst the boy is away. 
  • Do some planning for the secret squirrel announcement.  


  1. Been browsing blogs ... and I came across yours! Really enjoying it!

    South Africa

  2. Thanks Bailey. Glad that you're enjoying it.
    I'll be hopping over to take a look at your site in a mo.
    Em. x

  3. great list, miss em! i love that "angel costume" and "secret squirrel announcement" are both phrases included in it. :)



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