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{Sorry for the bad picture - the Iphone doesn't like the nighttime}

The boy came back from India yesterday. It is so nice to have him back. Even if he does drive me mad with his football watching. We went to Pho 68 for salt and pepper squid to celebrate his return. I might love their salt and pepper squid more than anything. 
I am also super excited that this week I shall have my DSLR back. The boy borrowed it for his India trip and he took some great snaps, but I have missed it. I feel less self concious taking snaps from bhind the 'big' camera than my point and shoot. Is that odd?

And he brought me the most beautiful bracelet. What do you think? 

This week, I shall be;
  • Trying to get my Pay It Forwards gifts together. Lizzie brought me MY gift. A delicious tomato and red pepper relish. And I finally got all the bits I need to make everything so  I WILL GET THEM FINISHED THIS WEEK! If I don't get them posted this week - I expect one of you to have words with me. Ok?
  • Diet starts March 1st. I weighed myself this weekend and I have a stone to lose. Not this week. But the goal is that I shall be a stone lighter by June 22nd {Glastonbury to those of you not going} Thats my summer holiday so I shall be thin for then. The boy is joining me on this mission too. 
  • Read. Read. Read. I feel I need to read at the moment. I want to just curl up with books and not move. 

Spoonfed Suppers

I want to point you in the direction of a great little site that one of my colleagues sent me to when I mentioned the food rut I felt I had fallen into {I don't think there anything wrong with eating mushrooms on toast regularly, but I am told I ought to be a little bit more adventurous.}

So without further ado I present Spoonfed Suppers. 
I am probably WAY behind the times here so forgive me, but its new to me and I think its a fab little site which not only emails you daily with ideas of new meals for the week, but they also give you a shopping list weekly of what you'll need for each recipe and list the things you should have in your cupboards so you don't need to buy it all new every week.

This week the menu, if I was sticking to it, would be; 
Monday: Couscous and Feta Stuffed Pepper
Tuesday: Vegetable, Feta and Chicken Roast
Wednesday: Chicken and Three Green Bean Fusilli
Thursday: Salmon with Mango-Chilli Salsa
Friday: Spicy Chilli and Rice

Granted, some of these recipes look slightly more than I like to eat on a week night {I save my big meals for the nights the boy is cooking} but I have seen a couple of these I am going to bust out with the boy when he returns and claim as my own. The website tells me that the recipes are less than 550 cals, take less than 30mins to cook and prepare {hmmmm - I bet I could challenge that one} and they say the recipes contain nutrients and that sort of thing. And I can imagine if you're cooking for two {or more} daily and need to think up new recipes, then it would be a godsend. I have already pointed the boy's sister in it's direction as she likes shake up their weekly eating. 


I popped a couple more bits on Ebay. You can see them here
I have a few pairs of shoes I have worn maybe once, some more dresses, some jewellery and a few other bits and bobs to add too. 

I also created a huge bag of things to be given to the charity shop. 

In case you can't tell, I am having a massive downsize and clear out. It feels good to be letting go of these things - but it is amazing how many things I have bought and worn once. Shocking even. 
Maybe I need to start thinking before I purchase?

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Some pic's from my iphone - sorry for the bad quality
This weekend I had the most wonderful time visiting my lovely friend Lizzie in her new(ish) lovely home in London. I drove out of a snowy Leeds, and made it to her house just about lunchtime. Not bad going I didn't think.
We had lunch and shopped and bought crafting supplies and ate takeaway and mini eggs and made felt flower prototypes and we gossiped. And I learnt that babies aren't as scary as I thought - her little boy is so easy to entertain.

This week is the last week before the boy returns and I have started to miss him. I need a hug and I would love to speak to him face to face, rather than just over skype. But my parents are coming to take me for dinner at Sukothai which will definitely cheer me up. 

So, onto this weeks commitment - there is just one as it's a biggy and it might not make much sense to you but it's something I need to do; 

  • I need to start letting go of some ideals I have. I have all these ideas on how things should be, and I think I have been getting caught up in them. If things are to work out this year, I need to let go of these ideals. It might be hard to do, but if I do it then I am hoping it'll make me happier in the long run.

Live Vibrantly

Yes. This is how I feel at the moment - is this not the best quote? Postcards on sale here.
I have been getting to work on my Pay it Forwards gifts this week. I know what will be sent out now, which i think was half the battle. I have almost everything I need to make said gifts, and all but one address to post out to. I just hope that the recipients take the above quote into account when they receive their gifts.

For some more quotes that struck home with me today see Elise Blah's post here. 

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Hi, my names Emma and I am an addict. An Entourage addict.
Being home alone, boyfriend on the other side of the world and housemate on holiday, I took the opportunity to catch up with Entourage and somehow managed to get through a LOT of it. And I am completely, utterly addicted. I have been told that’s strange as it’s a boys SATC, but I don’t care. And I don’t think I can wait to see what happens in series 7 - I might have to download it. See – Addict!

But all this time home alone also gave me a lot of time to get crafty {my housemate totally doesn’t understand my love of making stuff} so I tried my hand at a new pattern or two on my sewing machine. I took over the front room with cotton and thread and offcut bits of fabric. I’d love to post the details here but one of the creations is a definite prototype for my friend Lizzy’s birthday gift {which I know is months away, but I got excited and thought I would try the pattern}. I also visited my friend Sammy at her new house and we discussed her new business over wine and cheese! Yum!

But onto this week;

  • Brush up on my baby chatting skills for when I go to visit Lizzy, Leo and baby Brody this weekend. Can not wait to see them all.
  • Write my book review for January’s 30 things book – Restless. And get started on reading my February book – Alone in Berlin.
  • I need to try and be more tolerant of the housemate. Yes she smokes in the house. Yes she won’t shut up - ever. Yes she tells me graphic details of her love life – but tolerance is the key!
  • Not buy anything other than essential food. This spending curfew needs to be taken seriously.
  • Do my physio exercises at least once a day. 
  • TAKE SOME PHOTO'S - I have been so slack it's untrue. 

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This weekend we popped to Bath for the boys mum’s birthday. It was a biggy. I wont say which one though. But we had a lovely weekend of balls and fancy dress parties and many many meals and wandering the street. I’ve never been to bath before, but I thought it was lovely, and although we didn’t see much of it, the bits we did see {including a whistle stop tour of pubs showing rugby and not the required football} were lovely. Unfortunately I made the school boy error of packing the boy off on his work trip to India with my camera before I had got the chance to get the measly few images I took off the camera.

And since he has my DSLR for the next 3 weeks {gulp} leaving me with just my {not fantastic} point and shoot I’ve decided to try and take as many film images as possible whilst he is gone. I am not sure how this will go as the SLR I am using now is super old and a hand me down {after the ex threw my Canon 100F at a wall} so it sometimes doesn’t actually take a photo. It also has some film in it. Its an Illford HP5 so I know I put it there, but I cant even imagine when. It might be interesting to see those first 10 images.
But there you have it. My plan for the rest of January is to take a load of film images, and maybe forget about the film for another age and then get them developed……

This week, the housemate is also away so I have 5 nights of blissful peace, with loads of little fun things to do. No-one to see.I{ purposefully refused all invites out this week} and season 4 of Entourage to watch. Which might sound like some peoples hell, but I am soooooo looking forwards to it.

This week I am planning on;
  • Get skype working on this computer - chatting with the boy on googlechat's video isn't good. 
  • Having some early nights. If you’d seen the bags under my eyes, you’d understand.
  • Make some soup – and make it healthy-ish.
  • Make an apron for the housemates niece. I need to start cutting down the chub!
  • Start sorting out some of my stuff to ebay/charity shop/bin. I have sooooooo many clothes and things I just don’t wear, I might as well try and make some cash from them.


365 - A year in photo

I made a new Blurb book. You can read more about it over on my '30 things' blog. But if you don't fancy that - just have a flick through here.