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A little Glasto round-up

First things first - the weather - we had rain and wet mud and sticky mud and wind and cold and blazing heat. But there were nights in the Stonebridge Bar,  Campfires, we had Wu Tang, B.B King, Carl Cox and Fat Boy Slim and Primal Scream in the torrential rain, the Gaslight Anthem, HipHop Karaoke, a little Jimmy Eat World, an amazing Pulp set and the Chemical Brothers in the mud followed by a night listening to Toddla and then a lazy day of eating and wandering and Everything Everything {who defo were not who I thought they were} some random bands, Paul Simon and Beyonce in the sunshine, followed by a night at the Park, then a sunrise trip to the Stone Circle.
I ate mezze {a lot} and mexican and greek and hot dogs and a too many rice crispie squares to name a few. I drank way too much Gin and Juice. I didn't wear enough suncream on sunday. I didn't see half the people I wanted to. I didn't eat at half the places I wanted to, we didn't make it to the Rabbit Hole or the silent disco {even though we had great carrot facts} - but it was amazing. The real world seems a little more boring now......

All the 'can be shown to the rest of the world' images can be found here {but trust me there are quite a few that shall remain in my computer for the rest of time!}

Just a pair of shoes

I did have a blog post lined up to tell you how hard I have found this transition into a new city, with a new job, and a whole new living situation with 2 guys who are cleaning-phobic and sky sports news mad, but I have been recently reprimanded for venting about my living situation. 
So you have been saved that winey post, it has been deleted, instead I am now on my way to glastonbury and going to show you one of the pairs of indian shoes the boy brought me back from his recent-ish work trip. 
Aren't they pretty. 


The Papered Parlour

Reading around the other day I came across The Papered Parlour on Her Little Place and instantly fell in love. 

There are a LOT of reasons that I would never want to live in London {its way too busy and big, people are in general angry, I am lazy.......} but occasionally there are things that make me think it might not be as bad as all that {friends, GREAT shopping and cool workshops like this!}

Just check out some of the ace workshops you can do there, in what looks like the cutest studio space;

If I had the money then I'd book myself, and probably Lizzy {as I know she loves a good crafting session} on to the Ring making class, followed by the screen printing and then some sewing machine using classes. 


Glasto 2011 - Your Help Is Required

This year’s Glasto line up
I have worked out that I have 11 working days {Woooohoooo} left until I shall be heading down to Glastonbury. But that’s only 15 full days. 15 days! Which right now does not seem like enough time to get myself sorted. At all.

And whilst my wardrobe choices might be taking precedence {can the weather please just let me know what it'll be doing so I know if I should be taking things that go with my wellies or my pumps please - on that note - fashionistas - would a little black sequin skirt go with navy blue wellies?  just in case like.} I have been taking a little time to think about who and what to see, and where to go. Last year I think I saw almost all the people I wanted to, ate some amazing food, watched more football than I have in a long time {1 1/2 games!} drank a LOT of Gin and Juice and walked what felt like a thousand miles. But we barely made it to the late night areas {what with constantly having to stop to find people who were too spannered to follow us properly} and there was soooooooo much of the festival we just didn’t cover in the day time, so I am trying to plan {?} who to see, what to do and where to go.

Obviously I have my Clashfinder on the go – {my choices at the moment should be highlighted} but who in your opinion do I just-have-to-no-bones-about-it go and see? And who do you think will be a bit meh? {just so you know I shall be avoiding U2, Coldplay, Kaisers and Pendulum – you may like ‘em, but they REALLY aren’t my kind of thing} oh, and would you go and see Beyonce or QOTSA on the Sunday night?  I am totally torn – little bit of cheesy pop, or something a little harder?

And what about the rest of the festival – where are your favourite places to eat? Is there an area that you think I need to get my ass to? what are your must visit locations? Is there something I should try and experience? I am going to be making notes of these Glasto must do/eats from Jilly’s blog - but any of your suggestions will be gladly received.