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I had a lot I ought to have photographed this weekend but it didn't happen so the image above is the inspiration for the cupcakes I made {although mine had bbq pringles, marshmallows and strawberry laces on them - taste sensation right there!} They were made for the wild west party I attended. Neither of which were photographed at all. Nor the bucking bronco. Nor the hog roast. Nor the bouncy castle. Not a stitch of it.

But I had fun. And I had a massive hangover on Sunday, but I got to spend some time with my brothers fiancé discussing their wedding plans. It sounds amazing and they only got engaged 2 weeks ago. Probably a good job I won’t be getting married.  For one, I saw the prices some of these places charge. Ouch. {I imagine my mountain top, white une-pieced excuse for a new board, jaeger bombed affair would not be cheap either!}

For this week’s commitments I have decided I am;
  • Going to spend an evening reading. I miss curling up with a book and just sitting alone. Plus I think a little alone time is a house with inhabitants that are always there might be needed. I will leave the laptop downstairs so pinterest can not distract me.
  • Planning on sending a letter or postcard to two. I mean why not.
  • Starting a diet plan to match the exercise plan Lizzie and I are starting {after tonights trip to Pho 68 though} I weighed myself this weekend and it wasn’t pretty. I am a lot above my goal weight {admittedly that goal weight is the weight I was at uni, but I can dream right?}
  • Remembering to pick my strawberries as they ripen. Just because the plan looks cuter with them on doesn't mean they should go to waste. 

There you go. This week’s commitments. 

{The commitments series is inspired by Pink o'clock - you can see hers here}

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