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Big Stitch

Ages ago I signed up to the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap by Beth at Do What You Love. My swap partner was in America, so even though I made this in August, I wanted to wait until I knew she'd received it until I posted about it. 

The theme for this swap was 'Bloom' and after much thinking, I decided on my creation - I was going to take it super literally and make something that would actually 'bloom'. 
One thought led me to another and then I found out about seed paper. I thought it would be simple to buy, but it turns out you have to buy it in packs and I really don't need 10 sheets, so this little voice in my head started saying 'why not try and make my own'. I mean, what could be hard about that?

So, I did a little Google, found this article, I bought some wildflower seeds, ripped up an old Lush newspaper and set about blending it. I then popped in some pink food colouring {because, in hindsight, already recycled, newspaper style paper wasn't the best to use. It went grey} and thought I was well on my way. Unfortunately, without a paper maker {whatever one is} the paper I made, despite being bright pink, wasn't exactly how I'd hoped it would have been. It was super thick and fell apart really easily.  
But after a LOT of re-wetting, re-rolling and re-trying to flatten it out, I almost managed to make some paper. Yes, I know it looks REALLY bitty {it is} And yes, I know it looks really crinkled {it was} but I made it! And then I popped this little quote I had seen on Pinterest on the front of it, and the instructions on how to plant the paper on the back - I had planned to write in a pretty silver pen, but since the paper was sooooooo rubbish, marker pen was all that worked. 

So, after I made the 'paper', I grabbed a Cath Kidston sample, folded it in half, and sewed the halves together. This made the base for my amazing paper, which was horribly stitched on to it with some pink cotton. Sewing through very thick, crumbly paper isn't to be advised! 

And just as a little nicety as the paper looked so rubbish, I made a little broach from more Cath Kidston scraps, some felt and a safety pin. It might look familiar to one friend in particular, as we spent a day making them at her house out of felt.......But in short, I cut out the flower shape in felt and flowery material and sewed them together, I then made smaller 'flowers' and circles from co-ordinating material and sewed a button threw them all and round the safety pin on the bottom to hold it all together. I am quite happy with the results though. 

So there you go, a very long winded post on how I made a blooming postcard - I just hope it actually grows now! 

I Heart Home

If you hadn't cottoned on by now, I love a good e-magazine. I really do. I love the foodie one, erm, hello, new edition of Sweet Paul. And I really love the interiors one {see, there were some good things I took from my relationship with an interior designer} I love them so much that I do sometimes suggest them to my clients, just for my benefit!

It is rare however to find them UK based, so when I stumbled across I Heart Home on Fabric of my Life I was smitten. Such cute home-grown styling, it's a little southern-centric, but hey, I can live with that. 
And the best part, loads of British companies featured so the postage for all those things I don't need but have to buy is way cheaper!

Middle Class Dilemmas

I have a massive dilemma - i am in la-la-love with this beautiful table from John Lewis  - but the boy doesn't like it. 
Why he doesn't like it is beyond me. It is tres pretty. I mean, it has dovetailed corners. It seats 6 comfortably, and then has a leaf so we could have a banquet! It was spotted in May and maybe, just maybe, it never left a little space in my brain. 

But the boy, he likes the handmade farmhouse one at a shop round the corner. Which don't get me wrong, I thought I loved, until I popped back to JL last weekend and spotted this again. I think this table might be my new boyfriend. 

So, what do i do? do i just order the table i like to arrive whilst he is in India? I mean, if he will leave me for a whole month, alone in the house with the annoying house-mate, am I really responsible for my actions during this time? I think not.  

If you need any more help, helping me decide, here are those dovetails; 


Styled Magazine

I know it is every where right now but just in case you missed it, I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading Styled magazine today {got to love a online publication}. In particular I am wondering if I made these they would look anything like they are supposed to;

{also, do you think we can use the rank, flat, cider we picked up on the side of the road on the way to Glasto in the making of spiced cider}

Basically, go read it. Then tell me how to make spiced cider.

Boozed up

{Click the image to go through to the site, and roll your mouse over the video to see how the sober world sees it!}
I am sure there is a message about not drinking too much in here, but it mostly has me laughing. 

A little lost

A while ago I mentioned this whole different city/house/job thing and how it was taking some adjusting to. Even though I used to live just outside of Sheffield, and yes, I know people here, it hasn’t, and maybe still isn’t easy to move cities. I apologise if this is a winging winey post, but I am hoping if I get it out of my system, it’ll help.

For one - I am not loving living with the boy’s housemate. He has a very childlike mentality and you cant ask him to do anything, or he actively won’t do it {i.e clean} And if you ask him to not do something, he will purposely do it {i.e annoying noises}. As you can imagine this is uber annoying. He hasn’t really had a relationship before and I do think maybe his skills in human communications aren’t what they should be. {Also, having been berated for discussing this before, I am biting my tongue here}

And two – the boy and I have very different views on what is clean and tidy and what lives where. Football socks/shin pads/boots do not have a place in a living room. Ever. And beds should be made and curtains opened. Nuff said.

Three – Football. All the time. Not a fan.

Four – I feel lost. I don’t really have a place here. I cant find it. I am hoping Karey at Mackin Ink is wrong when she says it takes two and a half years to find yourself again. In Leeds I had a place. I knew what to do and where to go. I knew who to call for a post work drink.

Five – making friends at this age is tough. That sounds so childish doesn’t it. And don’t get me wrong I have a lot of friends, but few friends here – they seem to be all over the place now. My neighbour, Lizzie, is lovely and always about, and I hope I haven’t offended her when I have said this, but I cant rely on one person. There are a few people I know from before, but we all have lives and well, you know, just making friends when you’re older is tough. Maybe I need to take up a sport? Maybe this no friends is why I feel lost.

Six – Work. I am not sure what is expected of me sometimes. Weekends and evenings seem fair game and I am not used to that. What I am doing is interesting, and challenging, but it is a very different environment to my last job. There was a lot of banter. Lots of social occasions and I knew what was expected of me. 

But I love living with the boy. {Even if he is messy} I just wish it was just us. And maybe that I had a little bit more of a social life. And maybe that work was more straight forwards.
Has anyone else found that moving has been hard. Even if you’ve only moved a cities? Or am I being all melodramatic and should I just put my big girl pants on and deal with it?