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My Cancer treatment

Doggy Style

With only 12 days until he arrives, we're starting to get Puppy ready. Here are just a few bits and pieces I am pretty sure will be essential* when puppy arrives!

*I suspect the boy does not share this view about all these items.

31 Things: Update

In January I posted my latest birthday list of things to do this year, and as we’re over a ¼ of the way through the year, I thought it might be time for a little update, so without further ado, here are the points I have made headway on;
  • Open an Etsy shop – this is almost there. I have all the collateral, I have marketing ‘stuff’ I just need to photograph the shop contents.
  • Plant 5 things we can eat – we now have lots of berries in the garden{strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, redcurrents and blueberries} we also have a Rhubarb plant that started as a stump from the one at my mum and dads and now is growing at a great rate. And if it ever stops raining, so I have dirt rather than mud in the garden, I’ll plant some more food stuffs.
  • Get back into the swing of shuttercal – we’ll go with almost here I think…….i am back on it, and remembering to take daily pics, but uploading them is a bit of a bulk job I need to catch up on.
  • Open up the Crafternoon sessions - And I have this month - I blogged about it and have a couple of none friends coming for the first time in May!
  • Start ProjectLife – yes I have, but I have been rubbish at blogging it. I am almost caught up on March and April, but I want to get to a point where I do it and post it weekly!
  • Get another tattoo – I have had an idea for a year of what I want. I just need to decide the location for it and book it.
  • Visiting friends – I made a trip to London in Feb, and Southampton this month, and I’ve seen a bunch of people who I love but don’t regularly see. It’s been great.
  • Eating out somewhere new each month
    • In February we went for amazing sushi at Sakushi on a groupon voucher and it was just fantastic.
    • March was a birthday dinner for Micky at Cubana’s – a great little tapas place with massive portions.
    • And April was the Harley Bar for their new burger menu. Erm. These are pretty epic burgers, and if you look at the menu there are some, well, slightly odd combo’s.

So I haven’t started EVERYTHING on the list, but given where I think I was on last years list at this time of the year, I don’t think I am doing too bad!


Puppy Love

Internet, meet Flash. Flash, meet the internet. 

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know the boy and I have been puppy hunting for some time now. It's been a learning curve of what figuring out what questions to ask, what a healthy puppy looks like, what a reputable breeder looks like, learning to leave the most adorable pups in the world behind, and having to drive round full on ghetto's - {yes, ghetto's, but it was Rotherham!}

But last week we found our new family member. His name is Flash. Or to give him his full title, Puppy Vuitton II Grandmaster Flash {yes, named after the pioneering hip hop DJ  Grandmaster Flash  with whom the furious five often associated*. It was that or Melle Mel! We nearly bought 2 so they could be grandmasters together} 

Flash is a 4 week old Jack Russell x Pug and about the cutest thing you have ever seen. The boy and I pretty much melted at the sight of him and his brother and the choice between them was a bit of a nightmare, but he has to be 8 weeks to leave his mum, so we have some waiting to do before we can bring him home - which give us time to do a little bit of puppy proofing. 

Now, I will apologise for the any puppy post overload that may follow I am not know for my patience so this month wait might kill me, especially if the boy and I carry on with our speculation about just how cute he'll be.......

Bad phone pic of Flash at the top of the puppy pile with his brother and a little Pug pup half-brother. 
*This info was supplied by the boy after he thought what I wrote was wrong. It kind of was, but it was what I thought was right!

Jumping on another bandwaggon

I was kind of against Instagram for ages, mostly because it was an apple only product {and not only do I love my little android phone, but I am not an apple fan boy} and a little because of all the photo’s on twitter processed with crappy filters, but hey, when have I ever been one to not jump on a bandwagon? 
They’ve launch the android app, and I am on it. You can follow me if you like – my username is ohgoshem. Or you can see all my pic’s on your computer screen here -

And whilst I am at it - I am also using Hello Cotton and you can follow me here too -

Crafternoon Delight*

From Gennines Art Blog
If you've been reading for a while you'll know I have been organising little crafting events for my friends for a few months now, and we have another one running in May. And if you hadn't guessed by the image, May’s session will be doing some DIY stamp carving.

The plan is that each person will get a soft carving block to create your design on, a mount for your carved stamp to make it easier to use in the future and an ink pad. Plus I’ll be getting some proper carving tools to make the job easier! And as always there will be some tasty treats to accompany the afternoon.

And after a little chat with some of the attendee’s we thought it might be nice to open up the afternoon to some other crafty people in Sheffield too. There are a couple of seats available at the next event which will be held on the 13th May at 2pm, so if you fancy it please get in touch on ohgoshem {at} or leave a comment with your email address in it. The cost is £8 which covers all the materials and food. As I think I’ve mentioned before about these sessions, there is no real teaching as I’ve never tried this before either, it’s more of a come along and have a go sort of thing!

{It might also be worth having a look at some inspiration on what type of stamp you’d like to make, so I have set up this pinboard, it is a little sparse at the moment, but I will be adding to as I find great stamp examples - 


Easter by the sea.

I spent a wonderful, overcast and wet, long weekend on the coast with one of my oldest friends in the world, @kaiterahrah. We toured and shopped and lunched in Winchester {hello The Hambleton}, drank wine, took a trip to Boscombe, via the New Forest and Lymington, for lunch at Urban Reef and a walk on the beach,had a little night out in Southampton with some, interesting, drag and we ate, ate and ate - a lot! But most of all it was just nice to see Katie. Living at opposite ends of the country doesn't bode well for regular gossip sessions. 
Needless to say, there are pictures!


Sharrow Lantern Carnival

I love the bit of Sheffield I live in, it’s smack between the student area, a leafy suburb and we’re surrounded by ‘bohemian’ types. This is clearly reflected in the abundance of cool little cafes, regular farmers markets, and random little events like the Sharrow Lantern Carnival. Which from what I can gather is a chance for people to make uber cool lanterns, dance around the streets to a drum beat and in some most cases drink a beer or two on a Sunday night!  And the thing that surprised me the most, having gone along thinking it was an event for kids, was the sheer number of adults taking part! We started at a little park by our house and followed a team of drummers dressed as bumble bee’s through the streets {escorted by some seriously relaxed police officers who seemed to be enjoying the night out too!} to a cemetery, which was lit by fairy light lanterns! 

The theme was magic, so there was a fantastic display of mushrooms – I think mostly made by students {they are so predictable – but let’s face it I probably would have done the same!} But just look at some of the fabulous creations people made;