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I want to talk to you about an obsession in our house at the moment. No, it's not Instagraming everything that I see, or the puppy {well, maybe it is him too} but, soup. Yep, that liquidly lunch stuff - it's taking over our lives!

It started about 6 months ago when the boy got the Covent Garden, A Soup for Every Day for Christmas and it’s just snowballed since then. The book has barely been in the bookcase, shopping lists are made almost solely of ingredients for the next few soups and if we'd taken pictures of each of the soups we've eaten, we'd be on our way to a full on Julie and Julia situation. 

We have had celeriac soups, mushroom soups, cheese and bacon soups, artichoke soups, lentil soups, peasant soups*, meatball soups and gumbo’s – some even made on the ‘correct’ day. We have a freezer full of soups made for another day. We have stickers marking the next soups to be made. This obsession just isn't going away. 

 Now I won’t lie and tell you that eating soup every day, especially in the heat we’ve experienced lately, is ideal, but for some strange reason he loves making soup. And since they’re, almost, all very tasty, I am not going to complain {too much}. This week we’re branching out on the soup making kick and heading in to the summer months section of the book and trying a rhubarb, apple and berry number. I imagine it’ll be more like a compote but I am all up for giving it a go! I'm also waiting for the day he runs out of excuses and makes me the chocolate soup! Yes, that’s right folks, the book even contains a recipe for a chocolate soup!
If you like soup this book is a must – just maybe don’t start with Novembers recipes on a sweltering May afternoon – it just feels wrong!

Now stay tuned for our sausage making saga {that just sound wrong doesn't it} 

*I would love to say I am sorry for that terrible pun, but I’m not!


  1. Cheese and bacon soup? Yes, please!

    1. Keeny - I am not sure I should be sharing this, but as I already tweeted it - I cant get in much more trouble right? Recipe here -!/oh_gosh/media/slideshow?


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