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Instagrid Party #2

I don’t know what happened to blogging this last week – I had the greatest intentions but the blog post just never materialised.
But I thought I’d share a round up of my week with an Instagrid;

1. Instax mini’s have arrived. 2. My friend is coming to stay for a few weeks & she dropped some stuff off before heading on her hols – this pretty bottle came with her. 3. Flash has found a new favourite toy – it just happens to be my new rope doorstop. 4. We went to Sharrowvale Farmers Market. 5. With my friends arrival – the spare rooms needs a paint – bare plaster wont do. 6. As the boy was meant to be leaving we took some ‘family’ shots. 7. My Graze box*. 8. He didn’t want to be photographed. 9. The boy didn’t make it to India – long story, but he’s home to recuperate for now.

*If you want a free Graze - use this code - Y2WRH7QD or click here


  1. I need to check out these instax minis! The farmers market looks like a gorgeous day. I'm curious about this graze box too…and hope the boy is feeling better! Thanks for linking up!

    1. You do - i get the film from ebay as it's cheaper than the shops & you can pick up the cameras pretty cheap on ebay too. much fun to be had with them!


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