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August Break week 4/Instagrid Party

A little bit late, but we had a holiday to contend with - a week in cornwall on the boat. Eating. Drinking. Sailing. Camping. It was the boys first time on the boat. And the puppies. I think they both liked it. Flash thought the boat was his new castle, and completely didn't get that when the tent door was zipped up he couldn't get through it.

  1. Puppy on boat - the first morning. He was properly confused.
  2. Dramatic skies. 
  3. The boy at the helm
  4. Icecream at the Helford
  5. High Tide
  6. Ben Ainsley's postbox at the Pandora
  7. Mylor
  8. A 'short' 6mile walk
  9. A little seaside graffiti. 

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  1. I love your instagram parties! hahah They're just so fun!

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