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For someone who's trying to diet, I've eaten a lot of pudding this month. In fact I've attended 2 pudding clubs.
Last weekend I was invited by Cindy or Missie Cindz to join her for her Pud Inn.
The line up of desserts looked absolutely amazing, I mean, check this out;

I arrived at the Rutland Arms to this cute little set up. We had treats to take away, and score cards, and a pudding related quiz.
I was seated at table 2 with Clare - @pinklittlebean, her mum and her mum's friend. After exchanging twitter names, Clares first question was if I had a puppy. {Maybe it's a sign I instagram too many pics of him?}

First up was a Zuppa Inglase from Zerboni Taste - which was a combo of custard and cake and booze - something a little liquorish-y. It was nice, the cake was super light, and the custard-y bits were yum!

Next up was a Mango and Passionfruit icecream from the wonderful Yee Kwan. I'm a massive icecream fan so this was always going to be a winner with me. It was amazing. My only complaint - I wanted MORE!

Our third course was a Champagne and Strawberry cheesecake from Very Delicious. Again - cheesecakes are a big favourite of mine and this didn't disappoint. The base was crunchy, the cheesecake light and the jelly topping super sweet. 

Our forth course was Cindy's creation - a cake shot consisting of a slated caramel base, a rich chocolate mousse type affair all concealing a little ball of cake in the middle. Topped off with sprinkles. I think the caramel layer was my favourite!

And our final dessert was an elderflower and apple jelly with blackberry and vanilla icecream. There was a lot of discussion at our table about our massive love of elderflower flavoured things - mostly elderflower and gin. Then there was a lot of discussion about our love of gin - out table loved GIN. But I digress this was maybe my least favourite of the puddings, but still delicious. 

Overall, an amazing way to spend an afternoon. A chance to meet new people, have a chat and most importantly taste some delicious puddings!

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