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One Little Word

I thought about doing One little Word for 2012, but I wrote this in my diary instead and figured I’d follow it (which I did. In 2012 – I failed BIG). This year thought, I have put some serious thought into what my one little word should be.

And I started out thinking my word should be 'Time' as I just don't ever seem to have any. I don’t have time to repaint my nails. I don’t have time to finish that project I started months ago. I’ll be honest, most mornings I don’t even have time for make-up (it’s done in the car). I find myself rushing to not be late for work, rushing home to walk the dog, or rushing get to some commitment or other.

But it just seemed so negative. And I am not sure that's what this is all about, so my new word is;
There are so many things for me to TRY. Try to make. Try to do. Try to eat {I am a fussy eater}. Try to embrace.Try to change. Try to catch up on. Try to bite my tongue and not say. Many many thing to TRY!

Sometimes I get caught up in the negative of things, if I can't do it first time, or it doesn't make sense I am quick to give up on them before I have even tried.

So, for 2013, I will TRY.

A wedding present.

My little brother is getting married in a few days now. They’re the sort of couple who want for nothing*. Seriously, nothing. Which makes them hard people to buy for. And I don’t have the sort of cash to buy presents for people who want for nothing. The only thing I have up my sleeve is sentiment. And the knowledge that my brother’s fiancée loves Christmas. A lot. So much so when they went to Montréal they imported a huge tree back.

With this in mind I made them a set of wedding baubles so that every year, when they put the tree up, they’ll be taken back to their wedding day {and hopefully, since my brother forgot it was my mum’s birthday the same day, it’ll jog his mind that it’s their anniversary coming up}

Their wedding invites featured some beautifully snowflaked paper, and some little diamanté snowflakes that I promptly ripped off. In hindsight, I maybe should have photographed the invites before starting on this, but I didn't.

I found these fabulous glass baubles on Panduro Hobby, along with this perfectly sized wooden box.

I popped the tops off each of the baubles and measured the opening. I sliced the sparkly bits into strips the width of the opening and curled them on a pencil. Once they were suitably curled, I posted the strips into the baubles and admired the sparkles. I am actually a magpie. Once the tops were back on they I replaced the string with some glittery thread. I then took my 6 sparkly snowflakes, and super glued them onto the outside of each of the baubles.

After I took these pictures I realised that the box wasn't very special, and it might best to protect the baubles in the box, so I lined it with some white and silver tissue paper to add a little bling to it too. 

I think they look beautiful, what do you think?

*they’re also the sort of couple who don’t read/know/care about my blog so I am safe posting this here. 

Looking Pretty

You might recall I have a wedding to go to soon and I’d left it a little late in sorting out my outfit. Well, I think, with at exactly 1 week to spare, I might have got it all sorted. 
I went to the shops wanting something blue so I could wear the beautiful sapphires the boy gave me last year, but it turns out blue just isn't the colour of dressy dresses this year, and so I'll be partying in this outfit; 
1. dress 2. Bolaro  3. headband 4. Clutchbag (handmade) 5. Shoes

So, I came away with this stunning beige-y/pink-y dress from Ted Baker that makes me look like an extra from Midnight in Paris. Which is no bad thing. I adore the dress, and I am massively in love with my feather bolero {it does not, however, work with my PJ’s}

The headband is from accessorize. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going with any head wear until my mum spotted it and fell in love. I’m wearing it more for her than me. And the shoes are a Matalan classic, but the colour fits the beading on the dress perfectly. I’ll be honest. I hate heels so as soon as I can I’ll be swapping them out for a pair of flats.

The only shame is the clutch bag, which I love and was made by my own fair hands from the most buttery soft leather and some stunning liberty print lining is a bit too pink for the dress. I *should* have gone with the lighter shade.
{i bought the pink to match a previous dress and its just too pink. Unfortunately I don't have the cash to make buy the leather for another! Unless someone wants to buy this one from me?}

I've also been talked into buying some Bare Minerals make-up. When I had a little session with it at work, the finish was flawless - I'm just hoping I can emulate that finish too. 

A year of reading

One of my favourite nights of the month is the first Wednesday of the month at the Fancie* bookclub – book chat, cake and some lovely ladies. I blogged about my first time at the Fancie bookclub, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the monthly pictures. It’s not pretentious, no-one minds if you haven’t finished the book, and we pull no punches when discussing characters. The point of joining a book club was push me to read some things I wouldn’t have read, and it has definitely done this – there have been some books I have loved, and others I have struggled with and not finished and last night, after a half hearted discussion of Sue Townsend’s latest novel, we picked our books for 2013.

It’s a pretty mixed bag and I’d love to know if you’ve read any of them, or if they’re on your to read list;  

January – A Proper Family Christmas – Jane Gordon Cumming {yes, I know it might seem a little late to be discussing a Christmas book, but we’ll meet the 3rd January, so reading will be done in December}
Nov – Dawn’s choice
Dec – Mo’s choice

Each member came along with a list of books they fancied reading {mine were mostly taken from twitter and included American Wife, The book of lost things, and we discussed it as a group. Then the top choice from each person was popped in a tea cup and picked out at will. Randomly, the names 2 regulars who couldn’t make it were picked out last, that why we just have names there!

*If you’re not from Sheffield you might not know about Fancie – but they’re an amazing cake company who’s first shop sits about a 15 minute walk from my house. It’s a dangerous thing and, now, it may be dangerous for you as they've just started shipping countrywide!

Gift Guide: Puppy Presents

As you might have gathered if you follow me on Instagram, I am a little bit in love with my puppy, Grandmaster Flash. He’s basically my favourite – but, shhhhhh, don’t tell the boy or he might stop making me dinner!

And I know he doesn’t know what Christmas is, and I know he’ll probably get me in trouble by eating all the Christmas decorations and opening all the presents, but that doesn’t mean he won’t want gifts.

So, if I were a small, naughty, puppy, this is what would be on my Christmas list*;

1 Tweed dog bed. 2 Glow in the dark lead. 3 A ball, any ball, every ball. 4 A snowsuit 5 Bone. 
6 A little pug - although he might like a little brother more ;)

*This, however, is not necesserilly what Flash would choose, he's way butcher than these choices! Honest.