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The Alchemical Larder

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Harvey Nichols to see if I might fancy trying one of their foodie Christmas gifts. Of course I said yes, I mean what fool wouldn't. Living in Leeds, the Harvey Nichols food hall was the best place to get gift inspiration for hard to buy for friends (and pick up some fun treats for myself too). I always swooned at the beautiful hampers so when I was given the chance to pick an item from their Christmas hamper range I jumped at it. 
I bypassed the delicious chocolates because with Jim away I didn't think he'd be happy with me sitting and eating a whole box of them to myself and not saving him any, which I wouldn't. So to avoid any arguments, I chose the stunning Easy Tasty Magic Alchemical LarderFrom the start the package didn't disappoint. Everything from Harvey Nichols is presented wonderfully. It makes you feel special before you've even got to your purchase. And then to open it up and find this box of jewel coloured jars. Well, what more could a girl want?

The little jars contain a collection of spices and treats by Laura Santtini, including Persian rose petals, Mediterranean Lavender, Carnal Sin, White Mischief, Nutmeg, devil's penis chilli, grains of paradise, saffron, salt of the earth, smoked paprika, cacao nibs, bitter orange, renaissance stardust, bay rose peppercorns, furikake and sumac. 
I have gathered and milled the stars of you; And danced them to your lips; Eat Slowly, lest you should swallow me whole and forget to spit out the pips!
I definitely have my favourites - the rose petals are so delicate and pretty, the bitter orange smells divine and the cacao nibs are just so decadent. I know that when Jim gets his hands on it he will too - quite possibly the devils penis chilli. Not only for the name but because I hate spicy food and he loves it! 
I'll be back soon with a recipe post using some of the ingredients from the Alchemical Larder, but until then I'll just be looking at the pretty jars on my kitchen counter. 

This is a sponsored post for Harvey Nichols. I didn't receive payment for this post but I was sent the Easy Tasty Magic set to keep. 

Country Baskets Festive Face Off

I had a lovely email from Country Baskets asking if I'd like to take part in their Festive Face Off with some other wonderful crafty bloggers. The challenge - to create a Christmas decoration for the home or garden using the contents of a Country Baskets craft hamper (and your own supplies too) to be in with the chance of winning Country Basket vouchers and importantly having all the decorations made given to a charity of your choice, along with a cash donation. As we support ‘Roundabout’ through my WI, I immediately thought that if I won, they would be my charity of choice!

Unfortunately my hamper of supplies went missing so instead of having 2 weeks to complete my crafting challenge, I only had 3 days, well, as I have been pretty busy this week it was actually only one evening really, so it might not be quite as impressive as I had hoped but I am still pretty happy with what I've made given the timescales. (Forgive some of the pictures though, I know they are super dark or flash laden as I am not home during daylight hours in the week and the deadline for posting this was today.)

As soon as I opened the hamper and saw the supplies I was drawn to the giant bauble – I’ve long been a fan of the smaller versions of these and my brain started working double time to think what I might be able to make with it. Delving deeper I came across some sheets of wood bark, some beautiful snowflakes and some branches of silvery berries and a few pine cones. So after some serious thinking I decided to try and create a woodland scene inside the bauble because I hear woodland is all the rage this Christmas. 

Firstly I took the bark and drew round the shape of a squirrel, twice, on the back of it, (facing in opposite directions so that I could stick the two together and just have the bark on the outside) I glue gunned these together and waited for it to dry. Once it was all dry, I glue gunned my squirrel to one half of my bauble. 
On the other side of the bauble I stuck a once fibre optic Christmas tree that I had in my midst, as close to the join as I could. 
Around the ‘floor’ of the bauble, at the feet of the tree and the squirrel I hot glued some of the silvery berries I had pulled off the branches they came on and some small pine cones, to create a woodland look, and from the ‘sky’ I hung, with fishing wire, some of the pretty snowflakes that were included too. Lastly I threw in a little ‘magic snow’ picked up from the £1 shop for a slightly snow globe approach to it all.
There were also some really pretty wood and glitter leaves that I wanted to incorporate too but I ran out of space in the bauble. I’d have liked to have found a little plastic deer and maybe a toadstool to add in too but as timing was an issue, I didn’t quite manage that. 
So, what do you think? Not bad for an evenings work right? 

BEDN - The Great Outdoors

Having Flash in our lives means that we spend a lot more time outside. His favourite place is our local skuzzy park but that's mostly because all that is involved there is him chasing chasing chasing the ball and he loves that more than anything. 
I prefer taking him to the General Cemetery or to the woods. The cemetery, as I have mentioned before, is stunning. It closed in the 60's to new graves and everything is old and worn and overgrown. It is 10 minutes from our house. There are monuments for steel tycoons and the rich Sheffield folk of the 19th and early 20th century at every turn. There is an Eygptian gate house. There are also sometimes creepy men doing pelvic thrusts on the steps of the mausoleum too but lets ignore that shall we. There are rumours that there are crypts full of cholera victims. There is a beautiful and bricked up church. There are plenty of places for Flash to pick up the oldest, mankiest sticks known to man. 
But more importantly, if you time it just right, with your phone in hand, there is an abundance of stunning shots, with beautifully lit trees to stumble upon. 

BEDN - Yes Moments and a Sewing Machine Giveaway

When I got my first sewing machine for my 30th birthday I was completely out of my comfort zone. The last time I had used a machine was as a teenager customising my old jeans and turning them into skirts (it was the late 90's OK). So it was a massive learning curve. But I started reading sewing blogs and buying up all the fabrics and I started pushing myself. 
I think some of my greatest 'Yes moments' of late have been sewing related (but some of my most sweary moments have been through sewing too).
I am sure Jim thinks I am absolutely crazy when I cheer about achievements - lined, zipper, handbags that take every single bit of my concentration, tops that I can actually wear and working zip enclosures. But they are all little 'Yes moments' that make me so so happy. 

And so to help you with some yes moments (and maybe a few sweary ones too) I have a wonderful giveaway for all you wannabe sew-ers out there. Hobbycraft have kindly offered a Janome Sew Mini 140M sewing machine to one lucky winner. It looks like the perfect starter machine for anyone who is wanting to start sewing, much like the machine that I started on a few years ago. And the best part is you should have it by Christmas for any of those last minute gifts you might want to whip up. 

All you have to do is let me know what your finest 'Yes moment', whilst crafting or not, has been in the comments below, and pop your details through Rafflecopter. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T's & C's
  1. This competition is only open to people in the UK. Sorry international friends.
  2. The prize is the Janome Sew Mini 140M sewing machine and is not swappable.
  3. You must leave a comment and enter your details through Rafflecopter to be in with a chance of winning.
  4. Extra entries are available through Rafflecopter, but are not compulsory.
I wasn't paid for this post, but Hobbycraft did supply the sewing machine as a giveaway prize. 


Lust List - Lounging

We've finally found a house we like, had our offer accepted and touch wood everything will go smoothly and some time, early-ish next year we'll have a new house. Admittedly a new house that needs a LOT of cosmetic work (think pink dining room, yellow hallway and orange bathroom). But finally there is a real reason to my excessive pinning, even if it might be a while until I can realise my decorating dreams. 

One of the rooms I can't wait to get started on is the living room. Our current room, even though I painted it, isn't really very me - its cream and purple. I did it to match the purple sofas that were here when I moved in. They certainly will not be coming to our new place and I can't wait to go sofa shopping. So, here are just a few thoughts on our new living room. 

1. This sofa is just stunning. Sometimes I worry that I like the colour grey too much and then I see things like the Alston Zurich sofa from Rodgers of York and I realise that my love is justified - they do a version with wooden feet that makes my heart sing a little bit. In fact there are loads of dreamy sofas on the site and I like I might need a bed from them too.
2. I am pretty much sure that every room in the new house will have something from Southwood Stores, and this Memphis cushion is the perfect amount of turquoise. 
3. What is a room without a beautiful smelling candle
4. How cute is this little side table from Loaf? Greys and wood go perfectly too. 
5. And how could you not want, need, love this little puppy lamp from John Lewis?

Jim thinks I am crazy to be thinking of designing a room around a sofa, but it's perfectly normal, right? Just look at my grey sofa dreams; 
All Pins are from my 'Home' Pinterest board.

This is a sponsored post from Rodgers of York.

BEDN - 'Til Christmas we have Share Advent

I'm only slightly freaked out that there is only a month until Christmas, especially as my making is ever so massively running behind and I still have LOADS to do. Thank goodness I don't have a crazily busy few weeks ahead of me* and can just sit back and relax. 
But never mind, because it's almost time to get thinking about Share Advent, the wonderful idea thought up by Anna of Skin and Blister Blog. What could be better than taking part in some festive activities all the way to the big day? 

How great does this list look? I can't wait to get all festive with this list. 

*massive lies. I'm not freaking out about the busy-ness of the next few weeks at all! Honest.

Learning to live with it.....

The prompt for #BEDN today is date night, but date nights are impossible right now as Jim is in India so I am ignoring it and talking about our sporadically long distance relationship. He's been in India 2 1/2 weeks already and we have another 3 weeks ahead of us apart. Whilst this might not seem like a long time, the frequency he's away gets pretty annoying some times. Well, not annoying, more disorientating. I grew up with a dad who lived in Paris in the week and came home at weekends, and Jim's been going to India since a few months after we met, so it's not all alien, but it's still not entirely normal.

The worst bit, beyond the missing him, is the getting used to it. You know how it takes a bit of time to learn to live with someone and get out of the habit of living alone? Yeah, you remember that? Well, I have to learn to live alone and then learn to live together again. We have 3, 4, 5 sometimes nearly 6 weeks apart and I get used to it being just me here. Just my mess. Just my food. Just me and Flash. Sometimes though I'll get 2 weeks in to his trip and realise that I've not used a 'big' plate since he left, or that I've only had an actual conversation with Flash for 2 days sometimes. 

And then when Jim comes home, once the happiness of his return has abated, I find myself getting annoyed with his mess and  the football and ALL the washing up he creates. But on the plus side he does cook me some awesome meals on his return. And we have to learn to live together again. 

Does anyone have any tips for living apart like this?

BEDN - Leaving on Jet Plane

We've been planning a bit of an epic trip for quite a while. It's something we've been dreaming of for such a long time but things just keep coming  up (this winter it's buying a house - that has to be a good excuse doesn't it!) 

The plan would be to fly out to Vancouver (A) and to spend a few days there visiting friends. Vancouver is a city that I've been wanting to visit for the longest time. I have 2 different friend living there too, so I really ought to. Then we'd head to Whistler (B) for a week on the slopes and in the amazing Canadian snow. And then back to Vancover for another few days. 

Next we'd get our hands on a car and make the journey over the border into America, to Seattle (C) for some serious eating. Jim watches a lot of the food network, so he's got a lot a list of places he wants to try. And I want to check out Portland (D). I read too many blogs and own too many pairs of Converse you see ;) 

The journey, if we could have the time off work, would continue down the coast to California. I've been to Cali a few times but I love it and Jim's never been so it'd be an ace journey - if we can make it that far. Our plan then would be to head a little in land to Mammoth (G) - I spent a winter living in Mammoth so it would be amazing to go back and see how much it's changed, even for a day. The route would then wind us down to L.A (I) for the flight out, but not before we've hit up San Francisco (E), again, we have a list of restaurants to try and sights to see, Monterey (F) and Big Sur (H) for some literary reliving of Cannery Row and all the Jack Kerouak novels. 

So, what do you think? An amazing trip, no?

BEDN - It's only fashion baby

This morning on the walk to work every little bit of me was freezing. I don't understand it being this cold if it's not going to snow. But it has me thinking about winter woolies. What I wouldn't give for a few bits like these. 
1 - Beanies are a must for the winter and Burton beanies are always perfect. 2. I love a good fairisle sweater. Doesn't everyone? 3. Winter socks are a must in my life. As soon as November hits the thick snowboarding socks come out. These little Boden numbers look toasty warm. 4. Snoods have long been a favourite of mine, how cute does this one from Jack Wills look?

BEDN - Relax

Relaxing isn't something that I do all that often, there is always something else to do. Yesterday however, with Jim in India, and a long puppy walk under our belt I thought that I'd sit down and relax and do nothing. And, well, I did 2 lots of washing, cleaned the bedroom, made and ordered our Christmas cards and I still felt guilty about not doing anything. I am such a loser sometimes. One day I might learn to just do nothing.....unless that's not what relaxing is about.

How do you relax?

BEDN - Hobbies

So, hobbies. That's one thing I don't have a shortage of. I have this blog. And I love making stuff. And sewing stuff. Just creating things - as a child I loved making things. Fimo was my all time favourite, so I suppose the making has always been in my heart. And then I have been snowboarding since I was 15. Sailing for as long as I can remember.

And sometimes I wonder if I have too many hobbies sometimes, but then people with no hobbies really confuse me. What do people who do nothing do with their days?

BEDN - Favourite Folk

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of my friendship with some of the most wonderful people. We met working at Quiksilver in Meadowhall, in November 2003 and i can't think of a time since that they haven't been in my life. Even though we all live in different places and don't see each other as much as we should, when we get together it's like nothing has changed, we're still the idiots that met 10 years ago. Only the hangovers are slightly worse! 

BEDN - Workspace

My workspace is just a little office, that houses myself and 2 other people - our events manager and our designer. Its small and a bit cramped and not awfully interesting as offices go really. We have charts on the walls to help organise us, and  marketing collateral EVERYWHERE. But the real winning thing about my office is the view - looking out over the green next to our building. We get beautiful skies, and at the moment autumnal trees but it is the people who make it 'special' we get all manner of crazy people hanging out on the grass. On a Wednesday there is a university frisbee team practising there, we get the occasional smack head, we had ladies dressed as peacocks the other day. 

What is the view out of your office window like? 

Needle Felting with Atelier Crafts and a Giveaway.

Last weekend I spent a morning at the cutest studio on the beautiful Welbeck Estate in Worksop for a Needle Felting course with the lovely Georgina from Atelier Crafts. I've always fancied giving needle felting a go but I'll be honest, it looked like it might be a bit complicated so a workshop seemed the best solution.  
Georgina greeted us with drinks and we had the chance to look round her super cute workshop. It's full of beautiful things - bookcases full of handmade goodies and walls covered in art. It's a makers dream. 

Once the class was assembled. Georgina sat us down ready to get going with the felting. She explained to us the basics of needle felting (the needle aggravates the felt causing it to meld together) and the important business of keeping our fingers away from the needle (which, stupidly, I did not take an awful lot of notice of - serious ouch.) And then showed us the basics of felting - which if you're even slightly annoyed will work wonders - it's all about the stabbing you see. I decided on making a little 3D fox, taking the idea from some of images she's brought along. My companions decided to make a flat landscape and a flower brooch, so we were all trying a different technique. 
I picked my wool. I listened intently to my instructions and then, I'll be honest, I started this like I start most crafting projects, a little gung ho. I figured it would be easy and just started stabbing my balled up felt. Unfortunately I ended up with a slightly misshapen, squaring, ginger ball of wool and had to cry for help Georgina who reassured me that with a little more stabbing and by paying attention to it, I'd finish up with the little egg shape I was aiming for (that or if I really messed up we could take scissors to it). And she was right, not too much longer later and little foxy was starting to take shape. 
Once I was happy with his body, I moved on to his ears. The amazing thing about needle felting is that you can layer the colours up, and almost weld the fabrics together, just through the stabbing (this sounds awfully violent doesn't it) so the little flat ears were made, and his little white tummy added, with eyes and a nose. My favourite part though is the tail. By leaving the strands of wool unfelted I was able to keep it bushy!
And as the class was a few hours long, I managed to make mr fox here and get started on a sea green flat number too. I may have gotten a little over excited and bought myself a little kit from the workshop too so I have finished the sea greens brooch I was making and made a little penguin for one of my friends too. Be warned friends, your Christmas gifts may be felt like. 

On another note. The Welbeck Estate is well worth a visit. Not only is it set in stunning grounds but it's full of some wonderfully crafty people, an artisan food school, a butchers, gallery and garden centre. I'm hoping I can get back later this month for their open weekend (22nd-24th Nov) for the crafts and also because I hear they have some fantastic cheese stalls. 


Georgina from Atelier Crafts has kindly offered me a space on one of her crafting workshops to give away to a lucky one of you. All you have to do is head over to her website and have a peek at the upcoming courses and leave a comment here to tell us which course you'd like to win. Extra entries are available through the rafflecopter widget too. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway


BEDN - Remembrance

My Granddad was one of my all time favourite people. My mum tells stories of how, as a little girl, if I hurt myself when my granddad was there I wouldn't want my parents, only him. He died 6 years ago last month and I miss him every day still but days like today I think of him all the more.

I used to love sitting with him and listening to the stories he told me right from being little, through to him laying in the bed on the Macmillan ward towards the end. 

He served in the KOYLI during WWII. He enlisted at 17, lying about his age like so many people did then. During the war, he served for a long time in Egypt. The stories and photos depicted the men in the dessert, in tents and the dust, smiling. That was where he learnt to drive. He never took his test. Just drove jeeps round Africa then carried on driving when he came back. He'd tell me about their regiment cook who refused to cook one of their chickens and kept is as a pet. He told me about bumping into one of his brothers he'd not seen in 3 years in a port in South Africa. He told us about finding a cellar full of booze in Germany after years of war. He told me about the camaraderie. He never told us the bad things. Well, once he told me he had to jump in an open grave to avoid gun fire, but that was as bad as it got. I wish I'd pushed him more for the details. Just so now I could fill in the blanks a bit. But he never spoke about the bad. He wanted to forget it all. So much so he didn't even claim his medals.
After he died I realised just how little he'd told us. A friend of his from the war came to his funeral and told us stories and gave us photographs. It made me want to know more. So, with a little deception we got my nan to sign the paperwork to release his army papers and to apply for his medals as a surprise for her and my mum. They arrived a few months later, with his medals, and made interesting reading. We read where he’s been stationed, we learned what he was temporarily demoted for a fight, we learned what his seniors thought of him and we learned he was sent in 1943, SOS, to Germany (an unknown destination on the forms) on business that he never spoke about to me or my mum.
I wish I knew more about it. I wish I’d asked more. I wish that he’d wanted to share more. Maybe now, with his records, I can find out a little more.

If anyone has done any digging from army records, please can they shed some light on how to go about it. Thank you.

BEDN - Blog Chat

Gah, I don't think I'll ever be able to help people with their blogging. I'm not sure that I have any pearls of wisdom to share at all! I am going to be reading posts with some vigour though in case I can glean any super tips from the rest of the BEDN-ers. I am constantly in awe of bloggers who work a full time job, live interesting lives AND manage to blog about them. I'm even more impressed with craft and food bloggers who work and manage to post recipes and how to's regularly - I just don't know where you find the time (especially now it's winter and light is at a premium) And fashion bloggers. Having your photo's taken all the time. Props to you. I hate posing for pictures. 

But despite not being the greatest, whittiest, prettiest blogger, I love having a corner of the internet to say what ever I want. I know that some 3D friends take the piss out of me for blogging and it used to upset me but i now know they aren't worth worrying about. Blogging has opened some lovely doors for me. It makes me try new things and I've met some wonderful people - in real life and online so in fairness I think the piss takers are the ones missing out.

The one thing that I have done this year, that I'll be carrying through to next year is having a diary to plan my blog posts in. I made a Personal Planner last January. When I started using it, it was specifically for this blog but quickly became my everyday diary, but with space for my blogging too. Before I was quite adhoc with my posts but having somewhere to organise them and think about them, makes it easier to plan. 

How do you plan your blog posts?

BEDN - Day in the life

It's Friday 8th November. This is a 'Day in the life' post for blog everyday in November. I'll be updating the post as the day progesses. Some with pictures. Some without.

7am - Up to try and straighten my crazy ass hair.

7.45am - Flash and I are in our local park for a game of chase the ball. It's freezing. Snowboard jacket, hat and gloves weather. Serious welly socks weather.

8.15am - just one more throw, please.

8.35am - My commute now consists of a 20 minute walk into town. It's so much nicer than leaving at 7.45 for a mammoth drive

9.25am - Breakfast time. The diet means eggs are my new friend. This morning was poached eggs and mushrooms. It should come with toast, but I can't eat bread so just the eggs and mushrooms. Boo hiss. Luckily for me, working for bars means I get it made for me.

1.15pm - trip to m&s for a salad I can eat. The local sarnie shop does the worst salad you've ever come across and all the other places like bread too much!

2.30pm - Checking out the new exhibition in one of the bars

3.30pm - Meeting with the city centre events officer to discuss some upcoming stuff - including the tour de france coming to sheffield next summer.

4.15pm - checking up on our social media across the board

5.30pm - home time. Walking over Devonshire Green

6pm - picked up the dog from the pub. Jim was there with friends. He stayed out. I would have normally but I'm out for a big night tomorrow so taking it easy tonight.

7.30pm - Kale soup for dinner.

8pm. Puppy Cuddles. He's not happy with me for taking my fancy pen from his naughty grip!

You can read May's day .

BEDN - Ten Things

There's a lot of stuff going on right now in my life, so I'm living by lists. They are all over the place. Seriously everywhere. Stored in google keep, written on post-it notes, in my work note book. I have lists for everything. 

Here is latest to-do list; 

What is on your to-do list?

BEDN - Bonfire Night

Holga shot of, well, fireworks from the Roundhay Park bonfire in Leeds a few years ago.

I love bonfire night. I love the fireworks and the standing round the bonfires and that it's another excuse to drink hot spiced cider and eat toffee apples and swirl sparklers like a loon. Our local bonfire was on Saturday night (which is great as I'm in London until late with work today). 
Walking there it was torrential rain. Rain that soaked through every layer of clothing I had. Rain that made my gloves so wet I could ring them out. But as soon as the flames started licking round the pile of wood and the fireworks lit up the sky, the dampness evaporated. Slightly. 

The one thing I don't love about bonfire night is the fact that people think it necessary to let fireworks off ALL the time for a few weeks either side of the actual night. They scare Flash so much, he runs about the house barking and getting agitated and trying to protect his house from the bangs - poor little thing.  

BEDM - Food Glorious Food

Right now Jim and I are on a detox style diet. I believe some call it clean eating. I call it horrible. Basically, we're not eating carbs, or sugar, or dairy, or caffeine or alcohol at the moment, so food has taken a slightly different role in our lives. 

We're entering week 4 now, and I won't lie, it's still not easy, but it is far more manageable than it was. Mostly because I am not craving Coke Zero anymore. Don't get me wrong, I miss it, but I'm not craving it any more. It makes it slightly harder that I work for bars and restaurants and spend all day surrounded by not only the sight of amazing food, but the smell too. 

But on to what we can have - we're eating a LOT of tomatoes. And soups. And salads. And fruit. And drinking fruit teas. I just wish they were a little more flavoursome. I miss cordial and it's sugary goodness. 

And we get one cheat meal a week (this week it'll be two as I have a few things planned) but it's still meant a huge change in our lives. The big change for us is that it has meant food is a little less glorious at the moment. Mostly because there is no cake or ice cream to be had on this diet - And all I want is a big fat slab of cake like the one above. 

BEDN - Light

Don't you just love that moment when you catch the perfect light and it comes out magical, even when you've taken it with your phone? This was just one of those moments. Walking in the woods with the pups and my dad.

BEDN - Something you made

I've often thought I ought to share this on here, because it's one of my favourite things on our walls, but for some reason I just haven't yet.
I made this a couple of years ago after seeing a picture on Flickr (I can't remember exactly when, but it was pre-Pinterest I know that) and it's been on my walls in one home or another ever since. I know vintage keys are a bit cliched, but they are just so pretty and I love having it floating in the frame. It sits on one of our picture wall, the one at the top of the stairs and always gets compliments. 
What's your favourite thing on your wall?

EDIT *How I made this*

After the comments I thought I'd best share how I made this. Its super simple to do. So simple in fact that you'll all be wondering why you haven't made one already. The trick here is to use 2 piece of glass to make the key appear to be floating. 

Things you'll need;
  • 2 deep picture frames of the same size. Make sure that there is a mount to the frame. I used Ikea Ribba frames. 
  • 1 vintage key
  • Super glue
  • Small pieces of foam

How to make the picture; 
  1. Take both of the piece of glass out of the two frames. 
  2. Grab your key. Measure up, or eye ball to line the key up in the middle of one of the pieces of glass. When you're happy with where is it, make a little mark on the glass (a pencil will do, but I used felt tip)
  3. Take the widest bit of the key, on the edge you don't want visible, and dab a little super glue on it.  
  4. Stick the key to the piece of glass that you've made the mark on and wait for it to dry. 
  5. Whist the glue is drying, take a mount from one of the frames and cut the foam into strips that are narrower than the frame mount. Glue them to back of the mount, as far from the inside edge as possible. The idea here is that they cushion the piece of glass with the key on it.  
  6. Once the glue is dry, you can start to reassemble the frame. 
    • Put the piece of glass without the key back in the frame, 
    • Next add the mount - foam side towards the back
    • Then the piece of the glass with the key on it, key facing outwards - so it shows though the front of the frame. Hopefully the foam will make sure the key doesn't scratch the front piece of glass.
    • The last things to do lose the metal tabs on the frame round the back piece of glass that has the key on it to close up the frame. 
  7. Now, hang your floating key frame and enjoy.