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BEDN - Day in the life

It's Friday 8th November. This is a 'Day in the life' post for blog everyday in November. I'll be updating the post as the day progesses. Some with pictures. Some without.

7am - Up to try and straighten my crazy ass hair.

7.45am - Flash and I are in our local park for a game of chase the ball. It's freezing. Snowboard jacket, hat and gloves weather. Serious welly socks weather.

8.15am - just one more throw, please.

8.35am - My commute now consists of a 20 minute walk into town. It's so much nicer than leaving at 7.45 for a mammoth drive

9.25am - Breakfast time. The diet means eggs are my new friend. This morning was poached eggs and mushrooms. It should come with toast, but I can't eat bread so just the eggs and mushrooms. Boo hiss. Luckily for me, working for bars means I get it made for me.

1.15pm - trip to m&s for a salad I can eat. The local sarnie shop does the worst salad you've ever come across and all the other places like bread too much!

2.30pm - Checking out the new exhibition in one of the bars

3.30pm - Meeting with the city centre events officer to discuss some upcoming stuff - including the tour de france coming to sheffield next summer.

4.15pm - checking up on our social media across the board

5.30pm - home time. Walking over Devonshire Green

6pm - picked up the dog from the pub. Jim was there with friends. He stayed out. I would have normally but I'm out for a big night tomorrow so taking it easy tonight.

7.30pm - Kale soup for dinner.

8pm. Puppy Cuddles. He's not happy with me for taking my fancy pen from his naughty grip!

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  1. How photogenic is your dog?! He always makes me smile when I see a photo of him.

    1. Aw. I'll pass on that complement to him. He tries his hardest to look cute at all times. x

  2. Lovely dog, lucky you getting puppy cuddles!

  3. I love this - puppy cuddles!


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