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Picture from Global Gathering a few years ago! Yes we rocked those palm tree shades long into the night!
Not too long ago Thorntons got in touch and asked me if I had a friend I’d like to surprise with a box of chocolates as my Thorntons Christmas Hero. This seemed like the perfect blogging offer because it meant I could do something lovely for a friend rather than me getting the treat. After a little thought about the person I’d most like to give the chocolates to, I figured my friend Katie would be a most worthy recipient.

Katie and I have been friends since we were in primary school. We attended dancing classes together, Wednesday night club (*ahem* Guides), we went to 6th form together, we snowboarded together. We discovered NYSushi together. We fancied the same boys (and didn't that cause some arguments). But we've been friends for, well, forever. 

She now lives in Southampton (a looooong way away from Sheffield) and is working hard as a Dr down there, and well, I am a rubbish friend, so we hardly ever see each other anymore which really sucks. But I did get to spend a couple of awesome days at Wilderness festival with her this summer and I’m crossing my fingers she will be home to see her dad at some point this Christmas. On my list of things to do next year will be ‘see Katie more’ - for one, she lives by the sea and I love the sea. Plus Katie has been working hard this year to raise money for Coppafeel - an amazing breast cancer charity. She ran the Bath half marathon for them this year wearing a giant boob! Yes, that's right, a boob! And last summer she went out to Nepal to help in hospitals there. So she seemed like a worthy recipient to me, don't you think?

But hopefully, sending her a surprise box of chocolates let her know that I thinks she’s lovely and I miss her and was a little pick me up for her hard working doctoring life. 

Who would you send a surprise box of chocolates to if you had the chance? 


  1. This is lovely. I would send them to my friend J, because she is ace, or to my friend who is having a wee bit of a tough time at the moment.

    1. It's ace when you get to do something nice for your friends through blogging - There should be more stuff like this so we can all spread the love!


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