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Using chalk paint and a mirror revamp.

I've long wanted to give chalk paint a go for ages but it's just been so hectic around here that I've not quite managed it, but with the house move and me mixing up the bits we have in all the rooms, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn to chalk paint. It also seemed like a great chance to try it before I do something silly and paint the builtin wardrobes!

My mum bought me a mirror a few years ago from an auction. She loves auctions. Like really loves them. Her time is I think spent equally between sailing, playing bowls, making cakes and going to auctions. It's no bad thing as she's always picking up bits for me. And this mirror was in one of her first auction 'hauls'. I've had it for years now, as it sat on the mantelpiece in our old living room in it's old gold and black form looking quite nice against the purple wall. But I always felt that it wasn't very 'me', I much prefer silver things and I know some of you might think it sacrilege to paint it, but it's not my taste so I am doing it!
There are only 2 shops in Sheffield that sell Annie Sloan one never appears to be open so I went to Martha's Heritage (and for anyone local they were super helpful. They have all the paint colours on different surfaces for you to see and handy tips!). After much deliberating, looking at the various bits of furniture, wood chips and sections of wall painted in the stuff, I went with French Linen. The mirror is desined for the Dining Room which will after it's many layers of white paint onto the textured pink wallpaper, and it's wooden furniture, I'm hoping will be a quite neutral, tactile space one day and it seemed like a shade that would fit. I quite fancy having a none waxed finish (for now) so just bought the paint, but this might change!
I'm not going to do a step by step because masking taping the edges and painting a mirror is not rocket science but here are some pictures of the mirror in it's stages of painting and a few observations. 
The boy in the shop told me to water the paint down in a jam jar, shake well, and do a few coats rather than one thick one. I took his advice because, well, they sell the paint and have a shop of furniture covered in the stuff so I figured they would no best. 
The paint brush I used was not an Annie Sloan branded one. For my sins it wasn't even a good one, just a smallish one I found in a pot of paint brushes my dad gave us. In the future I'll be using something better to paint with as the bristles were really coarse and it splattered everywhere! If I decide to paint the wardrobes I'll buy an actual Annie Sloan brush I think as the shop told me they hold the paint better.

So, here are the pictures after one coat of paint. It gave a pretty good coverage but seemed to pool in the details areas, and as it dried I noticed a few bits of gold peeping through. Also, because of the crappy paint brush it splattered loads on to the actual mirror surface. Luckily for me, it scratches off easily with my nail though. 
After one coat of paint outside, it started to cloud over so I moved to operation to my craft room (yes, this new house has one. I can't wait until it's a bit more finished and I can show it you) I used the bubblewrap it was wrapped in for the move as a floor/table protector. I also stopped for a bacon sarnie! Thanks Jim.
The second coat went on slightly easier than the first, and I paid special attention to make sure that I got in all the areas that were showing the gold slightly. Again, it pooled in the areas of detail and worried me by being loads darker and looking slightly 'oily' but much to my relief it dried out pretty quickly.

And here you go, 2 coats all over!
And the verdict. I love the matt, chalky, slightly crumbly looking finish of the un-waxed finish, and I am pretty happy with the colour too (although I did think half way through that I had made a mistake as it looked really dark) And I've even moved it from the craft room to the dining room, but I haven't yet hung it as I can't decide which wall to pop it on, so it's just resting on the fireplace at the moment.
What do you think? And are you chalk paint user? If so, do you have any tips for tackling big pieces like the built in wardrobes and dressing table? 

Giveaway - A super cute pair of ceramic wellies!

It's been another crazy weekend of none stop house stuff but when we eventually sat down on Sunday night we felt like we'd achieved nothing. So frustrating. There are boxes and bags everywhere. We still have no sofa (just a futon and a couple of lounge chairs). The bathroom has no wallpaper (and a steamer in the corner). And finding the time to shop for any of the things we need just never seems to happen, so I've spent a LOT of time in the evenings trawling through websites, looking for sofa's, doing some inspiration hunting and quite a lot of online shopping. 

One of the stores that I've been searching through at length is Out There Interiors. There are so many pieces that I would just love love love in the house. 

1. I think this might be the perfect shade of turquoise, and it's super cute too - Turquoise Console Table, 2. I adore this Wellie Umbrella Stand, it would look perfect in our one day to be monochrome hallway, especially as Jim thinks my actual wellies are the place to store the umbrellas. 3. As would this Arrow Coat Rack because at the moment our jackets are slung over the banister, 4. I am not sure where I'd be keeping something like this stunning Armoire but oh my, I want it in the house so much. 5. I've become a little obsessed with having a chair in the bedroom at the moment and this Eero Saarinen Style Ring Chair is beautiful! 

And guess what? I have a great competition running at the moment to win the Wellie umbrella stand/planter worth £150. All you need to do is enter below;
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This is a PR collaboration with Out There Interiors*

Lust List - June

I realise that now is not the time to be spending my money on frivolous things, but that just makes me want to buy more and more stuff. It makes me swoon even more over the pretty things people pin and instagram, and whilst these items will stay on my lust list for the longest time I am sure, it's fun to do some imaginary shopping!

1. I am totally smitten with these Bauble Bar 360 earrings. How cute are they, and the turquoise bit sits behind your ear so just peeks out! 2. During the move I realised that all my summer sandles are well past their best, but I've also recently fallen in love with these beauties from Roxy. 3. I've wanted a Crystal Head Vodka bottle for the longest time, problem is there is no way I can afford one, but that doesn't stop me dreaming of one for the bar area! 4. I read about these Invisibobbles on instagram and they've been added to my must buy list - a bobble that doesn't give you marks in your hair. Sign me up! 5. Every time I go in John Lewis I make a beeline for the candle section just to smell this candle. Frangipan. Mmmmmmm. So good. And comes in the cutest jar too!

Flash's move

Have you ever made a move with a pet? We'd not before now and what with Flash being a sensitive* little soul I was a bit worried about it to be honest. I knew he'd love having a garden but a whole new house? Well, I wasn't sure how he'd cope with the rest of it. 

So I read all the internet. All of it. I read posts from Pinterest, and on pet sites. I did loads of reading in order to minimise the trauma on him little brain. So, we didn't wash his bedding before we moved, I even left his favourite throw smelling like the old house. As we weren't moving far, we started making sure walks went up and down our new road. We packed his things last so the disruption to him was minimal. We took him to the house as soon as we got the keys for a nosy round. We moved his bed and crate and toys on the first days so that he had his space. We did everything bar have someone else look after him for the weekend.
But, do you know what, I don't think any of it has phased him. He loves the garden, as expected. He loves it even more since we discovered that the kids in the school behind are rubbish tennis players and their balls end up in our garden all the time. He loves the extra space. He loves bounding up the stairs, both flights of them. Within 2 days he was turning into the right front garden coming home from walks. he still hates the bath. He's found his favourite chairs to nap in, and figured out that he now has 2 window seats to sit at and bark at the neighbours/passers by. He still takes himself for a nap in our bed when he's shattered. 
He's still as crackers and as naughty as ever, so I don't think he's been very traumatised. He's just been very good at making himself at home!

*read: tantrum throwing monster.

We've moved......

Last weekend we got the keys to our new house. It's been a long time coming, and not the easiest of purchases. There have been many proposed move dates, and in fact, last week we thought we weren't even to get to move as after my last post which announced we'd finally exchanged contracts, our vendor sadly passed away! But we're finally in, so I wanted to give you a small tour of the house using the slightly blurry Rightmove plans and some pics I took when we first entered the house and before we've changed anything. 

We're moving from a 2 bed (+ box room) house with a teeny tiny kitchen and a little shared yard to this 4 bed, hallway-ed, big kitchened house, with an actual, garden. And we could not be happier. 
But oh my god, it needs a LOT of work. Every room is wallpapered, and by the looks of it, has been since the 70's. The colour schemes are very questionable (as is the phrase 'colour scheme' when used in conjunction with the house) The plug sockets are in the skirting boards. There is no shower in the main bathroom and the shower in the shower room is teeny and gross. The kitchen, whilst being big, has no real storage what so ever, the oven needs replacing before we dare use it and well, eventually, it all needs ripping out! And the garden is mostly bushes. It is, as they say, a project! So, on to pictures of said 'project'. There are a couple of rooms missing, but you'll get the idea!

The hallway is yellow and orange with woodchip on the walls, with mis-matching, worn, scrappy carpet all the way to the attic.

Our living room is this slightly odd shade of yellow, with a huge, dominating, fake marble fireplace and built-ins in the alcoves.

The dining room is two tone pink, the woodwork is a very pale shade of pink the fireplace is blocked up and the carpet is a questionable shade of meh! Check the plug socket in that skirting board too! 

The kitchen is a mess of dirty wallpaper and tiles. The oven is gross. And for something of it's size, there is hardly any cupboard space! But it'll make an awesome space one day!

This is the main bedroom, it's massive, but again, questionably decorated with a green carpet and yellow striped wallpaper. These built in wardrobes have tonnes of storage, but don't fit our bed between them and are very 70's, they also carry on round the room, past the ORANGE fireplace to a dressing table and window seat. Honestly, what is that fireplace?

The main bathroom is also orange. Very orange. And showerless. And wallpapered. Did I mention it was orange? There's nothing wrong with the actual bathroom suite, or the flooring. Just the crazy orange walls and the lack of essentials, like a shower!

This is one of the attic rooms, it's mint green woodchip. Like, very mint green. I'm leaving it green though as we're ignoring the top of the house for now. Next week it'll be the craft room!

Here is our overgrown garden. Flash loves all those bushes as they provide space for him to hide from us when he's been naughty, but they take up so much space that could be used as an actual garden or for growing stuff! I did however find a peony!

All this means I may well be a bit awol for a while, up to my eyeballs stripping woodchip and covered in paint.