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Travel: San Fransisco and and Mammoth

Last year, because of my chemo schedule, we had to cancel our planned holiday to San Fran, Vegas and Mammoth Mountain. But we were lucky enough to have been able to rebook the trip for this winter, so we’re heading out there this winter – with just a few amends – mostly that we’re abandoning the plans to go to Vegas and hopefully hitting up Big Sur and Sonoma instead!

Map from Behance 

The plan so far is that we’re flying in and out of San Fran. We’re away for 18days - 16 on holiday proper as 2 days are spent flying & we’re flying first class though so it’s not a chore! (A perk of having had cancer is your boyf spends all his airmiles on us flying first class!) Our plans so far are that we’d like to spend a week in San Fran, and we’re in Mammoth for 5-6 days, and I’d really like to see Big Sur, Monterey and Sonoma too. But what we actually do in San Fran, and where we go on the other days are totally open to change.

So I am looking for your tips, your advice, your must visits (or don’t visits.) Have you been to any of these places? Where have we GOT to eat? Are there any vineyards in Wine country or breweries we have to hit up?  What sights can’t we miss? What did you think was over rated? Any spots I need to visit to take a billion photos of?

I spent a winter in Mammoth after uni, but it was a long time ago so if you've been recently, your advice for Mammoth would be appreciated too!

Lust List - B4BC Snowboard gear

It's been ages since I bought new snowboarding gear because I just don't feel like I ride enough to warrant new gear, but with a trip longer than just a few days looming, I need loads of things now. So, obvz as it's my post cancer snowboarding trip I’ve been looking at the Boarding For Breast Cancer kit. (I've also been eyeing up the new Burton Step On gear but as that's been sold out in my size since it launched, I'm abandoning those ideas!)
But looking was a bad idea. Because I am far too poor to be able to buy any of it but a girl can dream can't she......But here are some of the bits I love (And need!)

1. These Thirty Two snowboard boots are beautiful and I love how bright they are! My current boots are starting to wear a bit around the toes and aren't the most supportive so, a new pair is probably required!
2. And somehow I managed to snap my flat light lenses AND scratch my iriduim ones on my mid chemo trip, so new goggles are high on the need list and I’d take a pair of these Von Zipper bad boys in a moment!
3. One of the lasting effects of treatment has been a thirst that I just can't shake, not sure why, but I have - it does mean that I have a growing collection of water bottles in my house, I really like this Yeti one too! 
4.I also adore these Union Milan bindings – that pink ombre is just too pretty! Binding are right at the top of the list of things that need replacing though as my toe strap, no matter how often I replace it, just keeps popping off, which isn't ideal at all!  
5. And for good measure I'd throw in a pair of these awesome wolf socks from Volcom, because you can never have enough snowboard socks!

But it's back to reality for me - as much as I want and need new gear, these things will just have to be added to my Christmas list because there's not much chance of be kitting myself out with all new stuff for a while! 

Are you heading to the mountains this year? If so, what is on your must have list?


Beer-ing at Borefts

September will hence forth be known as the month of beer! More so for Jim than me as he beer festivalled every weekend of the month, but I did 2 beer festivals and 1 food festival in the space of 3 weeks!

One of my favourite stops in September was at Borefts Beers Festival in Bodgraven, Holland. We did Borefts on our trip to Amsterdam last year and loved it so much that this year we went back, taking a group of friends with us in the hope it would be just as good this time round, and it didn't disappoint! Hopefully it'll become a bit of an annual outing for us because it is such good fun!

Bodgraven is about an hour on the train outside of Amsterdam and is home to Brouwerji de Molen, the hosts of Borefts! Its a super cute town, that, from what we've seen, embraces the beer festival coming to town!
Our tickets came with the customary festival glass and 10 beers tokens but we also had 10 extra between the group so everyone in the party had 12 tokens, and each beer is one token - no matter the strength.
Last year, because I was mid IVF, we used some of my tokens on food, but this year we stopped at the local Albert Heijn for a picnic to take in so we didn't need to use tokens on feeding ourselves. It's pretty amazing how much picnic you can eat whilst drinking beer! 
The atmosphere at the festival was just as lovely as it was last year. Really friendly, really chilled out, really sunny and warm too, which I think helps. The festival themes itself each year, and this year the attending breweries made a flower-powered themed beer, which was 100% up my street because it meant there were lots of really nice floral and loads of sour beers for me to try, and I am a sucker for a sour beer - the sourer the better in my opinion!

Jim is more of a fan of his dark beers and so spent the day seeking out porters and stouts, and he also discovered a new to him, style of beer, the eisbock. We ended up sitting on a table with a couple of dutch guys, who had a couple of bottles of the Brouwerji de Molen Eisbock, one that they opened at the table to share with us - And Jim now has a date in 25 years with one guys we met to drink one of the bottles not consumed at the table! 
And so, in alphabetical, not drunken order, here are the beers that I tried at Borefts!  
  • Brouwerji de Molen - Gin & Jolly
  • Bakunin Brewery - Gone Wild: Cherry
  • Brew by Numbers - π | 12 Pilot Series - Orange Blossom Saison
  • Cloudwater - Spirit Animal
  • Cloudwater - Saison Tettnang
  • Hair of the Dog - Blue Dot DIPA
  • Brouwerji Kees - Oeuf's I did it again
  • Brouwerji Kwartje - Fusion Raspberry
  • Brouwerji Kwartje - Fusion Passion Fruit
  • MONYO - Yummy Mummy 
  • Stigbergets Bryggeri - West Coast IPA
  • Weird Beard Brew Co. - Cardinal Wolf

My favourites were the MONYO Yummy mummy, a hibiscus DIPA, and the Cloudwater Spirit Animal, which was an Elderflower Saison. And I really liked the Bakunin Cherry Sour too. I have to say that the least favourite would be the Gin & Jolly. On the surface, as a gin lover this should have been amazing, but let it be known that gin and beer shouldn't be mixed! Trust me! 
So, are you bored of the beer posts yet? Sorry if you are because there is one more left from our trip to Indy Man!

Freshly Squeezed! It's Mammogram Time!

Last week I had my first of my now yearly mammograms. My second boob squish to date, but the first post treatment.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have already read about the unfortunate start I had with it, but for those of you not over there, basically the the nurse that called me through to the area where you're given the mammogram, looked at me all confused and asked me to take a seat whilst she checked something. When she came back she told me they had me down for a mammogram but it couldn't be right, because I was so young! 

I don't know who it was more awkward for, me or her, when I had to explain it was right and my oncologist had organised it! Queue some chat about my treatment, the fact I still have my hair and my age - lots about my age! She also told me that because treatment only finished in May, it might hurt - and you know what, she wasn't wrong!

If you've not had a mammogram, let me tell you, it's just as unpleasant as you might imagine - you see that black plate on the machine in the photo - you pop your boob on that plate and it's essentially squished hard, like REALLY hard, whilst a nurse scans your boobs and manipulates your arms into strange positions!

But more than the physical pain, the appearance of this mammogram in my diary has had my emotions all over the place. The first time I had a mammogram was closely followed by a nurse telling me she thought I had cancer. It was the start of almost a year of treatment. It was the day when my life literally got turned upside down and I'm still dealing with the fall out of that day. Physically and emotionally. I'm still tired, all the time. I've still got a fog in my brain that makes words disapear from my head. I've still got a whole host of emotions that won't simmer down. And I've still got this fear that it could return!

I know I should be moving on with my life, but when you have appointments like this in the diary, and then a two week wait to see my surgeon following it, it's not the easiest thing to do.